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Modern Cross Stitch
Modern Cross Stitch: Over 30 Fresh and New Counted Cross-Stitch Patterns | Hannah Sturrock
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Pick up a needle and thread and be inspired by these delightful, contemporary cross stitch designs that will give delight as gifts or to show off in your home. Cross-stitch is a traditional craft that allows beginners and experts alike to enjoy the experience of creating something, whether it's for themselves or a gift for a loved one. As you stitch, you gradually see something pretty come to life and, once it's finished, you can think, "I made that." Hannah Sturrock loves to stitch and wants to help you to love it, too. Here she shares over 30 beautiful patterns with you. Discover five chapters of fabulous ideas: For a Beautiful Baby; For Big Kids; For a Special Occasion; For a Nature Lover; and For the Home. Make an adorable peeping ted pillow for young ones, or a comic-book style cross-stitched cell phone case. Add an extra handmade touch to presents with stitched gift tags, and create a Christmas toy sack that will be treasured throughout the years. Bring the beauty of nature into the home with the flower burlap tote and the stunning floral finch pillow. You can even take cross-stitch to a new level, decorating walls with washi tape birds and stitching velvet ribbon onto woven chair seats. Make use of other innovative materials, too, including soluble canvas--which allows you to cross-stitch on any fabric--and glow in the dark embroidery floss. Hannah's designs are a little bit different from what is available elsewhere. She uses simple outlines with striking patterns and clean, fresh colors, and takes inspiration from new interior fashions, vintage textiles, nature, toys, and more, always striving to be contemporary and stylish.
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Not book related. There are still a few finishing strands of floss to add before I can iron and frame it but my cross stitch is done @IndoorDame 🎉 Some #litsylove #jb mail is going out to you today. 💌

Soubhiville Wow! 1mo
Velvetfur Wow! That's never a cross stitch...! The detail! Love it so much 💜 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Beautiful! 1mo
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IndoorDame Yay! And that is so beautiful!!! 1mo
Chrissyreadit Wow! 1mo
ravenlee Wow! 1mo
Kaila-ann That is impressive 😍 1mo
jb72 That is lovely! 1mo
Tamra Wow is right! 1mo
UwannaPublishme Gorgeous! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 1mo
Alora I got your letter today! Thank you sooo much! It was beautiful and made my day! 💜💜💜 1mo
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https://bookriot.com/?p=172683 this showed up in my feed and now I need to make so many projects!! Plus scroll to the bottom and they have more cross stitch links! I want John Water‘s quote about books in a beautiful cross stitch! I just have to figure out how to do it!

wanderinglynn Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be making some of those. 💜 12mo
mreads If you want to try regular embroidery (no counting needed😀) check out Urban Threads https://www.urbanthreads.com/categories.aspx?category=Literary and Fairytales 12mo
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Meh. Definitely better than what has been the norm for cross stitch patterns (WILDLY outdated designs), but still not wowing me. I feel like I might just have to make my own cross stitch design book because apparently my definition of "modern" is still way different from this author. The only pattern I saved is one of little bitty farm animals (it was listed under "kids"....um?). #thisbitchneedsmodernstitch

LauraBeth Completely agree! I ❤️ to x stitch but never do it bc the designs are so hokey. I've thought about just doing my own designs as well 3y
DeborahSmall @LauraBeth I've been working on this for a while. It has been neglected for reading as I can't do audio books. She has some other lovely designs Cross stitch - Bothy Threads - New Heights https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004X5X6IG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_vyJgzb6MBQ6F5 3y
LauraBeth @DeborahSmall that is lovely! I'll check her out - thanks! 3y
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bookwrm526 I've found some really cool ones on Etsy, but you have to watch out for the ones where they just scan a photo because they end up having far too many colors and being ridiculously hard to stitch 3y
DreeMorris I love the bird on the cover! But I'll have to see if my library has it. I have learned not to buy craft books without previewing them first lol!! 3y
Caterina I like the bird on the cover, it's pretty! I've found etsy to be a pretty good source for cross stitch patterns, and just googling around if I have a theme in mind (e.g. "Doctor Who"). 3y
Caterina As a 23 year old who loves cross stitch, I totally empathize with your plight. 💛 3y
LauraBrook Have you checked Etsy? I've downloaded patterns from Parks and Rec and other shows for just a couple of bucks each. 3y
alanacristin I second getting patterns off Etsy! Though i still would love to flip through a book of them 😍 3y
Literaryunicorn Try satsumastreet.etsy.com. I love their designs! And I feel your pain. I also love cross stitch but hate out outdated patterns can be!! 3y
queerbookreader @LauraBeth @DeborahSmall @bookwrm526 @Caterina @LauraBrook @alanacristin @Literaryunicorn Thank you for all your comments!! Does anyone else rip cool patterns off Pinterest or is that just me 😳 here's a book that has modern asshole patterns that I've been trying to get at the library. It's something. I'd love a book of pop culture cross stitch patterns though! 3y
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