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George Michael
George Michael | David Nolan
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When the announcement of George Michael's death circulated on Christmas Day in 2016 it was greeted with an air of disbelief: the singer/songwriter and producer was only 53. But it was true, and the world mourned the passing of a hugely talented artist with a beautiful, soulful voice. Michael was a pop star with a social conscience who did a lot of work for charity and to further the cause of sexual rights and education. Michael shot to fame as part of the ultimate 80s pop duo Wham! and remained in the spotlight - for better and worse - until the end of 2016. Wham! split but Michael enjoyed a hugely successful solo career, working with some of the biggest names in music. He was sometimes controversial, and he fell foul of the law on a number of occasions, but he will be remembered for ever for his music and charitable work. His most famous songs were with Wham! and as a solo artist, and he collaborated with such musical royalty as Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Band Aid, Queen, Mary J. Blige, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney and Beyonc? - and more.
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George Michael | David Nolan
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Late again!

📕 Golden Son - Pierce Brown / Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
💻Philippa Gregory
🎬Grimm (David Giuntoli crush) / GoldenEye (Pierce Brosnan & Sean Bean!)
🎤George Michael (my first love)
🎶 Gimme All Your Lovin' - ZZ Top

#LetterG #ManicMonday @CBee

CBee I think George Michael was a first love of mine too ♥️ 5mo
OutsmartYourShelf @CBee I was a little bit too young for the heyday of Wham (although I loved their music as a youngster) but the Faith video - he was just gorgeous. So glad I got to see him live in Manchester, UK. I was gutted when he died 💔 5mo
CBee @OutsmartYourShelf we might be about the same age? I fell in love with him in the Faith era too 😍 And yes, I was devastated when he died 🙁🙁 5mo
OutsmartYourShelf @CBee I‘m a very late Gen X-er (1965-1980). 5mo
CBee @OutsmartYourShelf I was born in 1977 😊 5mo
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