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A Winter Sleep
A Winter Sleep | Greg F Gifune
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A WINTER SLEEP, the new novel from Greg F. Gifune. In a haunted hotel on the outskirts of a forgotten town, a bizarre group of tenants guard a horrible secret. A troubled man on the run, with nothing left to lose, drives aimlessly along dark highways in search of redemption. A little boy, brutally attacked and left for dead, realizes the strange power his agony has granted him. An enigmatic homeless man with nightmares he can no longer control, lost in a violent dreamscape only he understands, watches and waits. As a snowstorm traps them all within the walls of the old hotel, where madness and depravity run wild, from the shadows, a new reign of lesser gods begins, and an aberrant evil fights for survival amidst the cold terror of a desolate winter, and the bloody dreams of the hopeless and the damned. Cover art by Wendy Saber Core. "One of the best writers of his generation, Gifune is the author everyone should be reading" -Brian Keene "Gifune is the best writer of horror and thrillers at work today" -Christopher Rice "Gifune is among the finest dark suspense writers of our time" -Ed Gorman
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A Winter Sleep | Greg F Gifune
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Looking for a fun and lighthearted reading event for December? H Th en be sure to check out the #WinterGames being@hosted by @Clwojick and @StayCurious
Full details and the sign up link can be found on either of their pages.

StayCurious Thanks for sharing! 1mo
Clwojick Thank you for sharing! 1mo
Skygoddess1 @Clwojick and @StayCurious I still haven‘t heard about being placed on a team, are they still being formed? 1mo
StayCurious Hello, the preliminary teams are formed. Your team captain should be getting in touch with you soon. ❄️ 1mo
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A Winter Sleep | Greg F Gifune
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A massive snowstorm, a mysterious hotel, weird tenants, and...incessant buzzing. This was super weird, but I couldn‘t stop reading. I still haven‘t puzzled it out 100% - I can‘t tell if there‘s deep symbolism intended, or if it‘s all just crazy - but there was something hypnotic and deeply troubling about this book. I really enjoyed this one and would totally read more by this author!

vivastory I'm intrigued! 1y
Angitron @vivastory I would love to hear what you think if you read it! 1y
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