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Public Apology
Public Apology: In Which a Man Grapples With a Lifetime of Regret, One Incident at a Time | Dave Bry
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Dave Bry is sorry. Very sorry. He's sorry to Wendy Metzger for singing the last verse of "Stairway to Heaven" into her ear while slow dancing in junior high school. He's sorry to Judy and Michael Gailhouse for letting their children watch The Amityville Horror when he babysat them. And he's sorry--especially, truly--that he didn't hear his cancer-ridden father call out for help one fateful afternoon. Things are different now. Dave's become a dad, too, and he's discovered a new compassion for the complicated man who raised him. And maybe if his 17-year-old self could meet his current self, he'd think twice before throwing beer cans on Jon Bon Jovi's lawn. Dave's apologies are at turns hysterically funny and profoundly moving, ultimately adding up to a deeply human, poignant and likable portrait of a man trying to come to grips with his past.
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To all the #LitsyLove Littens who have sent happy mail over the past several months: Thank you! You have brightened the days of my children and me so many times. Unfortunately, due to some ongoing life circumstances, I have been unable to return the letters and cards, and I haven‘t been able to thank you properly. I‘m stepping away from the list for a while, but I want to thank you and let you know I look forward to seeing you here when I can. ❤️

UwannaPublishme 🤗🤗🤗 2mo
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Eep!! Yesterday sure got away from me... @Gissy thank you soo much for such a fun and Christmassy and thoughtful package! I really must have made the nice list!! I'm so excited for the sb pr mug!! And the socks are so wonderful - perfect for a writing session 😁The coffee smells so good and the print is gorgeous!! And thank you for so many wonderful books too!!! Can't wait to get to them! Merry Christmas 🥰🤗♥️🎄💙😘💚❄️☃️

Gissy I forgot to tell you that the art print is for a celebration here on January 6. We have the longest Christmas season, they last almost until the end of January. I didn't know if your Litsy tbr was updated. 12mo
Avanders @Gissy ooooh very cool! That's also my sister's birthday ☺️ That's so fun to celebrate for so long! And yes! Updated Litsy 😁 Thank you!! 😘🥰♥️ 12mo
RainyDayReading I got Sea of Rust this year too! It looks really good, can‘t wait to start it! 12mo
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