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Eating Puerto Rico
Eating Puerto Rico: A History of Food, Culture, and Identity | Cruz Miguel Ortz Cuadra
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Available for the first time in English, Cruz Miguel Ortiz Cuadra's magisterial history of the foods and eating habits of Puerto Rico unfolds into an examination of Puerto Rican society from the Spanish conquest to the present. Each chapter is centered on an iconic Puerto Rican foodstuff, from rice and cornmeal to beans, roots, herbs, fish, and meat. Ortiz shows how their production and consumption connects with race, ethnicity, gender, social class, and cultural appropriation in Puerto Rico. Using a multidisciplinary approach and a sweeping array of sources, Ortiz asks whether Puerto Ricans really still are what they ate. Whether judging by a host of social and economic factors--or by the foods once eaten that have now disappeared--Ortiz concludes that the nature of daily life in Puerto Rico has experienced a sea change.
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Funny story: I know that Emil, the chef at Sur Lie, visits tables to introduce himself and ask how everything is, so I wasn‘t surprised when he came over to ours tonight. Then he asked me, “Do you have a Puerto Rican flag on your jacket?” Mortified, I realized that I had basically worn the band tee shirt to see the band, and had to confess that I did actually know he was Puerto Rican but that wasn‘t why I wore the hoodie! 😳😬🙄

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