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Babycakes | Glenda Sanders
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Babycakes | Glenda Sanders
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1 week ago exactly (10/15) my husband and I welcomed our baby boy into the world! His name is Matthew. He was 7 lbs 12 oz and at the time 23 in long. He had his first check up and he shrank some due to a cone head from birth and most babies lose some length because of joints coming together and is 21 in now. I had a difficult labor and recovery has been slow going but I wanted to let everyone know that we have a new reader in the world!!! 💕💕💕

Amiable Oh my goodness, the cuteness!! Congratulations to you! And welcome to the world, new reader Matthew! 2mo
readingjedi Congratulations, he's utterly gorgeous! 😍 2mo
MicheleinPhilly SQUEE! 🤗 Congratulations! 2mo
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sherryvdh Congrats! He's adorable. Hope your recovery gets easier. It's a lot for the body to go through! 2mo
batsy Congratulations! He's beautiful 💕 2mo
QuietlyLaura Congratulations! Welcome to Litsy, Matthew! 💞🎉💞 2mo
ljuliel Beautiful. Take care of yourself and you‘ll soon get your energy back. 2mo
everlocalwest Congratulations! What a beautiful babe!! 💙💙 to you in your recovery. 2mo
AmyG Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Hope you feel well soon . Enjoy every minute, Mom. 💕 (edited) 2mo
Tanisha_A Congratulations! 🥳 2mo
Tamra Big Congrats!! 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm Congratulations! Absolutely adorable. 💖 🍼 2mo
DGRachel Congratulations!! 2mo
Mitch Welcome Matthew to the world 😘 2mo
Jerdencon Congrats! So adorable! 💜 2mo
Balibee146 Congratulations 🚼💙 2mo
readordierachel Congratulations!! What a sweet face! 2mo
AnneCecilie Congrats 🎉 2mo
LoveToReadLiveToRead Congratulations! X 2mo
Linsy So beautiful!!! Congrats! 2mo
kezzlou85 Congratulations 🎉 2mo
BarbaraBB Congratulations. He is super cute. Wishing you a speedy recovery and all the luck in the world as a family 💚🍀 2mo
LeahBergen Congratulations!!! 💙💙💙 2mo
Kalalalatja Congratulations! 👶🏼 2mo
Bookzombie Congratulations! 2mo
robinb I happen to think Matthew is the best name ever (as I have one as well 😊)!!! Your little guy is precious, Elisabeth, and I‘m so happy he‘s here, and you‘re all settling into your new world! Please take good care of you, sweet friend, and best wishes to you all! 🥳😘💙 1mo
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