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The Santa Thing
The Santa Thing | Robert Freese
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Twas the night before Christmas and Santa was insane, he had an evil alien parasite growing in his brain. The elves were all worried, their screams filled the night, there seemed to be no end to the terror in sight. Along came a mercenary, his twin Glocks spitting fire, the elves are all mutating, the situation is more dire. Now the deceased wives of Santa are crawling from their graves, soon the entire world the poor mercenary will have to save. So prepare yourself for nightmares and gory scares galore, it's a twisted Christmas tale like you've never read before.
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The Santa Thing | Robert Freese
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I haven‘t been around much bc of my best friends list her job on Tuesday. There‘s been a lot of tears and late nights. This week I‘ll be in Cottage Grove, MN for work so anyone who is sending me stuff, I think it‘s just @Bklover , know that I‘m not home until Friday.

Watch for this ebook exchange partnered with Library Thing- I enjoyed it last year!

sprainedbrain I‘m glad you could be there for your friend. That‘s so hard. 😕 1mo
Bklover I‘m so sorry about your friend! I‘m glad she has you to help her feel better. 1mo
BethM @sprainedbrain @Bklover thanks! It‘s been a weird week for both of us. 1mo
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Avanders I‘m so excited for this.... I even updated my 2 year behind catalog 😳😉 I think they made a great graphic too 😍 @TimSpalding 1mo
Avanders Also, hope your friend is feeling okay. That‘s such a sucky life experience. 🥺🥺 1mo
BethM @Avanders thanks. 1mo
TimSpalding @Avanders I tossed that off in five minutes, and it's proven quite divisive! I even asked on Twitter if people knew what it was, and 1/4 of people find the whole Christmas/figgy/plum pudding thing completely alien! 😁 4w
BethM @TimSpalding I like it! But I also thought it was a truffle 😂 4w
Avanders @TimSpalding oh people find the craziest things to get all up in arms about 😂 it‘s a perfect little figgy pudding, and your colors are 💯 spot on. 👏🏽👏🏽♥️ @Bethm lol well.. I could see that too 😉 4w
BethM @Avanders @TimSpalding I‘ve never seen figgy pudding so that‘s my excuse 🤷‍♀️ but I still really like the graphic! 4w
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