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The Guardians of Evernow
The Guardians of Evernow: Book 4 the Kingdoms of Evernow | Heidi Catherine
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Will he sacrifice everything for the one who sacrificed it all? River is a Guardian, bred for courage and trained to fight. Her duty is to serve her King and her future was scripted long ago--marry a male Guardian and strengthen the bloodline of the next generation. But when the King decides his own bloodline must be strengthened, River's bestowed the honor of marrying his son, and her future slips even further out of her grasp. Tate is a Prince whose heart is as kind as River's is strong. He'd rather protect the vulnerable and care for his reclusive sister than rule a kingdom. But he knows the time has come for him to step up. Marrying without love isn't something he wishes for either, but he has no choice if he's to take the throne and ensure the kingdom will live in peace. But someone else has their eye on the throne... Someone who knows all about the tonics that are the key to the Guardians' strength, and he'll stop at nothing to bring the kingdom down so he can rule them all. Setting out on a path of destruction, he makes a cunning plan to marry the Princess and remove anyone standing in his way. River and Prince Tate must work together as team to save the kingdom. As Guardians mysteriously die, boundaries are pushed and the threat of an invasion looms, they'll discover if their marriage is built on more than just convenience. Is it possible that it's also built on love? With a story that will feed your imagination, the fourth book in the spellbinding The Kingdoms of Evernow series is a must-read by award-winning author, Heidi Catherine.
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Another great read from this fantasy series by author, Heidi Catherine. This book is full of romance, family loyalty and the whole series has a magical twist. It‘s a real page turner and beautifully written.