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The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You | Amulya Malladi
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Set amid the world's international airports and glamorous (and sometimes not so glamorous) hotels, the bestselling author of The Copenhagen Affair, brings you story about what it really means for professional (but still human!) women to tackle the corporate world, scale the leadership ladder, and lean in to the lives they've always wanted, and truly deserve-"Up in the Air" meets "9 to 5" for today's Pantsuit Nation. Asmi knows that CPH (Copenhagen, Denmark) is the best airport to shop for clothes, and ATH (Athens, Greece) the best for shoes. The best Zara store is in BCN (Barcelona, Spain). The best airport to buy whiskey at is ARN (Stockholm, Sweden). Airplanes, airports, and hotel lobby bars make Asmi feel just as much at home as her apartment in Laguna Beach does. A marketing director in a biotech company, Asmi rose through the corporate ranks and never really took the time to think about couplehood. She has good friends, a terrific sister who lives close by, and a married on-again, off-again lover in Paris she sees while she travels around the world for work. As Asmi reaches the big 4-0 and contemplates making some life choices; her boss announces he is retiring, and she is suddenly thrown into a corporate Hunger Games against her nemesis Scott Beauregard III to win a promotion. Worried that her inability to commit to a real relationship with a man is a personality flaw and afraid that she's unqualified for the job she desperately wants, Asmi must learn to lean in to have the career and life she wants and deserves, without worrying about what society expects from her.
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Congrats on this amazing milestone, @Librarybelle !! Such an accomplishment! 🥳📚📚💜

I've heard the tagged book is amazing and inspiring as it's about a high-powered woman climbing the corporate ladder. Definitely high on my TBR list! #200kGiveaway

Librarybelle Thank you! Great choice! 1mo
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