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The Road to Omaha
The Road to Omaha | Robert Ludlum
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Robert Ludlum's wayward hero, the outrageous General MacKenzie Hawkins, returns with a diabolical scheme to right a very old wrongand wreak vengeance on the [redacted] who drummed him out of the military. Discovering a long-buried 1878 treaty with an obscure Indian tribe, the Hawk, a.k.a. Chief Thunder Head, hatches a brilliant plot that will ultimately bring him and his reluctant legal eagle, Sam Devereaux, before the Supreme Court. Their goal is to reclaim a choice piece of American real estate: the state of Nebraska, which just so happens to be the headquarters of the U.S. Strategic Air Command. Their outraged opposition will be no less than the CIA, the Pentagon, and the White House. And only one thing is certain: Ludlum will keep us in nonstop suspenseand side-splitting laughterthrough the very last page. Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Road to Omaha A very funny book . . . No character is minor: They're all hilarious.Houston Chronicle Don't ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day.Chicago Sun-Times
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The Road to Omaha | Robert Ludlum
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My fave used bookstore - even if I do get a major claustrophobic attack every time I‘m in Jackson Street Booksellers! #omaha #localbookstore #riotgrams

Amandajoy I just moved to Omaha and have stumbled into this place. It‘s amazing! 1y
Mamashep Isn‘t it! There used to be an even better used book store in the Old Market but rents down there went up so much they couldn‘t afford to stay. Love that area now but really miss what it used to be. 1y
SaraBeagle @Amandajoy Welcome to Omaha! 1y
SaraBeagle @Mamashep The Antiquarium? I miss that one too 1y
Mamashep @SaraBeagle yep! Did you ever get brave enough to drink the coffee?😂 1y
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