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Gather Yourselves Together
Gather Yourselves Together | Philip K. Dick
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Gather Yourselves Together is one of Philip K. Dicks earliest novels, written when he was just twenty-four years old. It tells the story of three Americans left behind in China by their employer, biding their time as the Communists advance. As they while away the days, both the young and nave Carl Fitter and the older and worldly Verne Tildon vie for the affections of Barbara Mahler, a woman who may not be so tough-as-nails as she acts. But Carls innocence and Vernes boorishness could end up driving Barbara away from both.
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a perfect morning. ☕️🥐📚 💕 #myPKDjourney

RadicalReader @dystopianaut love your username best I‘ve ever seen. Wishing you lots of luck on your reading adventure. A wonderful book I really enjoyed and highly recommend plus looking forward for the Netflix tv series premier next year is for the incredible wonderful highly gripping novel 11mo
dystopianaut @RadicalReader thank you so much! that is so sweet of you to say. ☺️💕 oooh, i just read the description! sounds very intriguing!! thank you for sharing! 💜 11mo
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