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Walking the Amazon: 860 Days. One Step at a Time.
Walking the Amazon: 860 Days. One Step at a Time. | Ed Stafford
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From the star of "Discovery Channel"'s "Naked and Marooned "comes a a riveting, adventurous account of one man s history-making journey along the entire length of the Amazon and through the most bio-diverse habitat on Earth. Fans of "Turn Right at Machu Piccu "and readers of Jon Krakauer and Bill Bryson and will revel in Ed Stafford's extraordinary prose and lush descriptions. In April 2008, Ed Stafford set off to become the first man ever to walk the entire length of the Amazon. He started on the Pacific coast of Peru, crossed the Andes Mountain range to find the official source of the river. His journey lead on through parts of Colombia and right across Brazil; all while outwitting dangerous animals, machete wielding indigenous people as well as negotiating injuries, weather and his own fears and doubts. Yet, Stafford was undeterred. On his grueling 860-day, 4,000-plus mile journey, Stafford witnessed the devastation of deforestation firsthand, the pressure on tribes due to loss of habitats as well as nature in its true-raw form. Jaw-dropping from start to finish, "Walking the Amazon" is the unforgettable and gripping story of an unprecedented adventure. Walking the Amazon is also available as a Spanish edition entitled "Caminado El Amazonas. ""
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Maybe this was an expectations problem, but I wanted to read about the Amazon - wildlife, people, preservation. Stafford doesn't give much of that (too tired, doesn't speak the language). Instead it is a lengthy, often dull look at his day to day state of mind (often poor) and some weird motivational speaker crap.
Plus, I didn't like the guy. He seems overconfident, underprepared, wholly self-centred and not at all self-aware.
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CaramelLunacy I couldn't have done what he does, but it ultimately seemed pretty pointless other than to be in record books which I don't care about as motivation. 7mo
CaramelLunacy He is very upset by casual jokes about murdering him and how useless he is because he is a white guy. He talks about the antiquated attitude toward women, gays and other races and how differently they thought than him. But the thing is...I don't believe that. The guy was an Army officer and in London finance around the financial crisis. I'm not buying that he didn't hear the same stuff at home in the name of "bants". He just wasn't the target. 7mo
CaramelLunacy And then he talks about them eating (after about a month of low rations) as if they had "just been let out of a concentration camp". And dude. No. Just a big fat nope. Not at all the same. 7mo
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Reading The Lost City of Z puts a new spin on the zoo‘s Amazon exhibit. Just passed 10,000 steps for the #litsywalkathon - that‘s halfway for me.


In all the books you read about thru-hikes, there is something that is often overlooked; boredom.