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Betraying Big Brother
Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China | Leta Hong Fincher
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A feminist movement clashing with Chinas authoritarian government On the eve of International Womens Day in 2015, the Chinese government arrested five feminist activists and jailed them for thirty-seven days. The Feminist Five became a global cause clbre, with Hillary Clinton speaking out on their behalf and activists inundating social media with #FreetheFive messages. But the Five are only symbols of a much larger feminist movement of civil rights lawyers, labor activists, performance artists, and online warriors prompting an unprecedented awakening among Chinas educated, urban women. In Betraying Big Brother, journalist and scholar Leta Hong Fincher argues that the popular, broad-based movement poses the greatest challenge to Chinas authoritarian regime today. Through interviews with the Feminist Five and other leading Chinese activists, Hong Fincher illuminates both the difficulties they face and their joy of betraying Big Brother, as one of the Feminist Five wrote of the defiance she felt during her detention. Tracing the rise of a new feminist consciousness now finding expression through the #MeToo movement, and describing how the Communist regime has suppressed the history of its own feminist struggles, Betraying Big Brother is a story of how the movement against patriarchy could reconfigure China and the world.
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Thanks everyone who commented on my last post and sorry I didn‘t reply to you all. I was a bit overwhelmed and just wanted to run from the internet for a while. Still gonna be patchy on posting ect for a while but I needed to share this book that I managed to read.
This is so interesting and shows how differently activists have to work in a country like China. Seriously I was impressed with all these women in a big way.

Weaponxgirl The only thing I would change about this book is I wish there were more resources in the back to show how to support these activists in China. Well worth a read to get a more global idea of feminism and what it needs to achieve in places. 5mo
CouronneDhiver Hope you‘re well. There‘s no pressure to ‘keep up‘.... we just enjoy having you around 😘😘 5mo
Weaponxgirl @CouronneDhiver thanks 😊, a more even keel thanks to some extreme self care thanks. Trying to ease myself back into stuff and not overdoing it. 5mo
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squirrelbrain Glad to hear you‘re feeling a bit better.... ❤️ 5mo
ephemeralwaltz 100% agree with @CouronneDhiver! There is no expected set pace for your reading/posting. Take care and looking forward to anything you decide to post!❤️ 5mo
Weaponxgirl @squirrelbrain thankyou 😊 5mo
Weaponxgirl @ephemeralwaltz hopefully I can get myself into a headspace to get back into the buddy reading again soon! 5mo
Aimeesue Nice to see you back! 5mo
Weaponxgirl @Aimeesue thanks 😊 (edited) 5mo
SW-T Glad to see you‘re back! However, remember to put yourself first and do whatever works best for you. 💕 5mo
Weaponxgirl @SW-T thanks 😊, taking some time out from everything including real life social engagements actually gave me the time to focus on what I needed. Reading is a huge part of self care for me and of course once I saw lack of reviews on here for certain books I had to post about them! 5mo
SW-T So glad your time out from social media and social engagements helped 😊 Keep up the self care ❤️ 5mo
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