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The Patient's Secret
The Patient's Secret: A Gripping Psychological Thriller with a Shocking Twist | S a Falk
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Sharon Stevenson is a forensic psychiatrist. Her job is to decide whether a patient is of sound enough mind to stand trial, not whether they did or didn't commit a crime. But Sharon is also a mother grieving the disappearance of her seventeen-year-old daughter, Maddie, who has never been found. And what if the man sitting before her, who has been charged with the murders of several women, also claimed the life of her sweet girl? It's time to find out the truth. An unputdownable psychological thriller about a dangerous cat-and-mouse game between a mother desperate for the truth and the killer she believes has the answers. A gripping read for fans of The Silent Patient, Mike Omer and Freida McFadden.
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Is the convicted serial killer actually the killer? Are his multiple personalities enough to keep him from death row? Dr. Sharon Stevenson will stop at nothing to get the answers to these questions, even endangering her own reputation in the process. It‘s a pretty dry read, although I kept at it to see what happened at the end…a surprise but not a big surprise.