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Untitled | Anonymous
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#manicmonday #letterB

Bel Canto
Alan Bradley
(Count) Basie Band

CBee Thanks for playing, Lynn! How are you? @Lynnsoprano 1d
Nessavamusic Yay Bridgerton! 1d
Lynnsoprano @CBee Hi! I‘m good, thanks! Life has settled down some, and I need to get back on #LitsyLove 😘 19h
CBee @Lynnsoprano you should! Glad things are settled a bit ♥️ 17h
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Middlegame | Seanan McGuire
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“…the air is hot with summer and the sky is bruised with the promise of a storm.”

ImpliedNonsense Loved this book. It was such a wild ride and the cover is awesome! 1d
kgriffith @ImpliedNonsense truly! McGuire is a gem of YA fantasy for sure. 1d
kgriffith @ImpliedNonsense (though this may not be marketed as YA, now that I think of it; I lumped it in bc of the Every Heart and Woodward Wall books) 1d
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Princes in the Land | Joanna Cannan
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A poignant, thoughtful, and moving book for #persephoneclub this month. I loved the brief glimpses that we got of Pat(ricia), as she moves from childhood to solid middle-age. Wonderful characterizations and terrific writing.

CarolynM I like to think Patricia was going to start getting some enjoyment out of life again at the end🤞 2d
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Snowbound Books | Marquette, MI (Bookstore)
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Found the book store while on vacation in Marquette, MI, for the tall ships! Sadly they only had one copy of Pride and Prejudice and it was one I owned already.

Bookwomble This makes me wonder how many editions of P&P you already have 🤔😁 3d
CrowCAH @Bookwomble well… there not all up on Litsy yet, but you can see the “current” count by going to this hashtag #PnPCovers 3d
CrowCAH @Bookwomble you have to do a lot of scrolling, so it‘s 201… and counting!!! 3d
Bookwomble 😲 😱 Excellent! 😁 3d
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