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A New Dawn | John Jackson Miller
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#MayMoms #Military

Hera is spacemom to these rebels! She‘s a military mom keeping it cool under pressure, even in the thick of battle.

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The best thing about a tie-in edition is that I don't mind if it gets beat up in my bag, has did it drink dropped on it, or suffers any other sort of damages.

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I read this after watching the latest season of Bridgerton and, much as I liked the show, the book is better. I didn‘t feel that way about season one and the first book. I enjoy these characters and the dynamics between them. The book is fun and a diversion, which is what I think it‘s meant to be. The series is an alternate reality, and that‘s okay. I‘ve read reviews that intimate that you must take one side or the other. I disagree 👇

Lynnsoprano I think you can enjoy both, realizing that they are two different methods of telling a story, and different views as to what‘s important in the story. I also thought it was appropriate to include a picture of a bee that I took on this morning‘s walk-only because it intrigued me 😄 1w
CoffeeNBooks Great picture! 1w
KristiAhlers I guess I need to watch this show! And I need to re-read these books. I read them all years ago when they first came out. Julia Quinn has always been an automatic buy for me. 1w
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Cathythoughts Oh nice pic 💫 1w
Dragon Is this a magnolia? Beautiful photo 💚🐉 1w
Lynnsoprano @Dragon Yes it is! 1w
DawnG I LOVE Bridgerton!! I really enjoyed the first 2 books. 1w
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