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So. I had a really people-y weekend, and it was so much fun, but PHEW! I am exhausted. I am going to sleep for a month. I wanted to create a box for one lucky Litten out there who gets the struggle. It will be the perfect box if you just need a little peace and quiet in your life. Just comment on this post telling me what brings you peace (and calm! And joy!) to enter 💛 #introvertsurvivalkit #giveaway #introvertsunite! ✨

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Soubhiville I love the calm and ritual of tea and quiet reading time first thing in the morning before anyone else gets up. 2y
collegecatlady Being able to read a good book in a comfy chair with one of my cats brings me peace. 2y
wanderinglynn What brings me peace is delving into a book where I can completely escape reality. Also snuggling with my pets. 2y
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ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Whisky and cats 🥃 ❤️ 🐈 2y
MicrobeMom I am most at peace reading and drinking a cup of tea or, audio knitting and drinking a cup of tea. Books and tea are the key! Thanks for the great giveaway!! 2y
Beckys_Books Sitting on my deck with a cold beer and a book 2y
Minispok Reading to my son 😊 2y
dariazeoli A warm drink and a good read. Background music optional! 2y
laundry_piles Complete silence. I love my husband and my kids but I need to be alone completely once in awhile to recharge. 2y
RealLifeReading Over the past year crocheting has given me an outlet to destress and even the kids give me some peace when they see me crocheting! 2y
parttimedomestic Such a sweet giveaway idea, I definitely know the struggle! Reading (duh), but more specifically a really good audiobook while I cook or bake is so calming and restorative for me! 2y
Bronte_Chintz A great audiobook, candles and a steaming hot bath. Maybe some essential oils and Epsom salts thrown in. 👌🏻😍😍😍 2y
Scurvygirl Vodka, a book, my dog, cats and my home. But mostly vodka... 2y
Burghbookaddict Reading a book with a hot cup of cider and my cat on my lap. 😊❤ 2y
Lisaw13 I love vodka too @Scurvygirl - and of course reading. I also try and work in some yoga now and again 2y
mcipher Getting on my mat on my yoga room, with the salt lamp on and the oil diffuser going. Even if I just sit there, I feel better. And no one bothers me in there, that‘s my personal space! 2y
Stacypatrice After working 12.5+ hour shifts overnight assessing patients at a psychiatric hospital, taking a hour to sit on the beach and allow the ocean to fill me with her ✨magic ✨ is amazingly calming. 2y
CoffeeNBooks Sitting on my pool deck, listening to the wind chimes, drinking a cup of tea or coffee, and reading a good book. 2y
ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled And sometimes I just sit in the floor in front of my shelves and gaze at my TBR. Ha! Seriously! It‘s very peaceful! 2y
MoMogrl I love the nights my husband works and it's just me and a kitty snuggling on my lap with a good book or a video game.... I also enjoy finding a peaceful place outside to read with complete quiet by a river, lake or ocean. 2y
JoScho Such a sweet giveaway. Peace is sitting quietly with my dogs and a good book to shut out the real world. ❤️ 2y
Karkar My miniature schnauzers bring me peace. I always know when I have a peopley day they are my rocks. 2y
glitterkitty459 Listening to good music with a cat on my lap😻😊 I also enjoy a (bug-free) nature walk 2y
Librarybelle What a wonderful giveaway...thank you! What brings me peace? My cats and my books - just gazing at my library and books grounds me. And, the app Calm. Such a wonderful way to unwind from a fully people-y day. 2y
CareBear Being at home on a crappy weather day so there aren‘t lots of people wandering around outside...snuggling under blankets with my cats. 😻 2y
LisaJo Audio coloring is so peaceful to me. An audiobook, usually a glass of ice tea, and my coloring books. How I calm down after what is always a frantic day at work. However, @Scurvygirl, vodka is great too. 2y
Madamereginald I would like to nominate my introverted sister, @Ingerella .....peace to her is sitting with her doggies, reading a book on her kindle...or recently she was given a little library to put together, it‘s been bringing her peace and enjoyment... 2y
AmyG Reading, with my cat, in my chair or bed...alone in the house. Raining outside is a huge plus. (Thank you!) (edited) 2y
whippoorwill815 Reading while taking a bubble bath, usually with candles! Also reading out on the porch now that I have that option. 2y
Thndrstd Time to myself, preferably reading or writing 2y
Coleen Early morning or early evening out on the front porch swing with my book and either a mug of coffee ☕️ (am) or glass of wine 🍷 (pm). 2y
CocoReads When I get quiet time, I love to spend it with books, either reading or attempting to write them. I love having a snack or drink. Sometimes I light candles, sometimes I play music softly . But mostly I just enjoy the quiet. 2y
Kaylamburson This is so nice! Also so sweet of @Madamereginald to nominate someone else for this. Love this community! But for me, lighting candles and sitting in a relaxing bath make me calm. Along with an audiobook or a good paperback. In the summer, it‘s a glass of lemonade and a bowl of berries with whipped cream. 2y
tonyahoswalt I'm an introvert for sure. Staying home with a good book brings me the most peace, but if I have to socialize, it always helps to have my husband alongside me. He brings me peace and calm when the panic attacks start. (Yeah introvert with social anxiety disorder 😣) 2y
heylaurenmack I‘ve been trying to get back to doing things I enjoy after a tumultuous first few months on my own for the first time. Usually that‘s reading, video games, listening to music, watching sports, anything that helps me focus. 2y
IheartYA I work in a cardiac unit at a hospital which is very draining for an introvert like me. I find my peace while reading, specifically while cuddled up on the couch with my daughter and cat, and after my husband gets home from work so my anxious mind can relax since we're all home safe. 2y
EllieDottie Oh my gosh I love this so much!!! My happiness is a glass of wine, or mug of tea in front of a fire. I love to be warm when it‘s cold outside and then of course with a great book! 2y
mrozzz Being able to stay home or sleep in, basically not having to keep to a schedule (and taking advantage by keeping up on reading) for a few days is how I can best unwind. Thank you for the opportunity!!! 2y
Wife @Kelican17 This is calling our names 🤓 2y
ravenlee I'm in the weird situation of being an introvert but a SAHM and desperately needing to get out of the house and interact with grown-ups on occasion - and then having anxiety attacks about those interactions. Touching base with my best friend works best for keeping me sane. 2y
Kelican17 My very comfy bed with multiple blankets and pillows, good friends who understand the need to text instead of call, the ability to put my phone on silent when i need a break, and creative activities like coloring, cross stitch, or Pinterest. 💚 2y
shadowspeak17 This is so sweet! For me, I like to go for walks or lay on the couch at home with my boyfriend and cats while I read or watch tv. 2y
Captivatedbybooks Being before a body of water! There‘s something sooo calming about a lake, river, ocean whenever i just need that woosa moment i go to my closest body of water 2y
SydBookReader What brings me peace and joy to my life, is my boyfriend. My childhood wasn‘t the greatest ever, so I feel so safe with him and he makes me laugh and smile that nobody else can. I also struggle with my physical disability so knowing I have someone that supports me despite my past is the greatest joy of all 💗 thank you @hermyknee for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to everybody who entered and is planning on entering! 2y
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