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The Guinevere Deception | Kiersten White
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Owl Moon | Jane Yolen
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I‘m sorry I said I would post this and didn‘t. Here is the December Owlcrate. The book is the Genevi e Deception. The cover has been changed from blue and gold to green and silver. I have to say it‘s not as successful of a cover.

The earmuffs are from Carval
I‘m allergic to the candle
The hand warmer is interesting. It‘s reusable.
The pin is a castle
Coloring pencils and a coloring book
Book sleeve. I love the design but it‘s a little thin.

LibrarianRyan #Owlcrate. And next months box is about revenge. We are getting a retelling if the Count of Monte Cristo with a female lead. My bet is the book will be 1mo
LibrarianRyan Also found out that YES you can turn your @Owlcrate box purchases in for Random house reader rewards. Just make sure the receipt has the month and day the box was for (that‘s what they said in the email). Yeahhh 1mo
TheAromaofBooks I just found out the same info about the reader rewards this week! Stoked! 1mo
Avanders Whaaaa?! Nice! 1mo
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No Title | None
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Winterwood | Shea Ernshaw
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#Owlcrate edition

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Untitled | Unknown
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#SelfieScavengerHunt With a friend or family member. Maya and I ice skating today!

I have only worn ⛸ once or twice in the last 14 years, but used to skate a lot recreationally in high school and college. Apparently it‘s like riding a bike. Didn‘t fall once! 🙌🏽💪🏼

People loved our matching HP hats!

#WinterGames #TheFilthyAnimals

LibrarianRyan I recognize those hats. I wonder where my purple one went. Thanks for reminding me of it. 1mo
Charityann What fun! I love to ice skate!⛸😊 1mo
4thhouseontheleft @LibrarianRyan Those hats are one of my favorite #OwlCrate items (along with the mugs)! 1mo
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LibrarianRyan I agree. I wear the black one every year. It goes with all my coats. Dad tried to take it last year because of how warm it is. I told him he could have it if he could tell me what it said and what it meant. Needless to say, I still have it. I have also been loving the ginger less gloves from 2 months ago that match the black hat. They could totally do a purple pair of those and I would be in heaven. 1mo
4thhouseontheleft @LibrarianRyan those gloves are great! We haven‘t had cold enough weather for gloves yet, so I‘ve only worn them once or twice so far. 1mo
LibrarianRyan @4thhouseontheleft I've warn them outside a few times layered with thin gloves that have fingers. But I wear them mostly at work. It is sooooo cold at the ref desk. because of the design of the building and the placement of the desk it is like 10-20 degree colder than my office on any given day. 1mo
rather_be_reading 16pts🎉 1mo
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Winterwood | Shea Ernshaw
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I haven‘t posted anything on here in almost 8 months (or longer)(I‘ve still been reading-ish), I totally blame it on my boyfriend moving in and working more hours. I finished The Wicked Deep today and I started Winterwood. I absolutely loved The Wicked Deep and hope this is just as good!

tessavi Welcome back! 1mo
Literary_Siren @tessavi thank you! 1mo
HOTPock3tt Welcome back from me as well!! 😃♥️🎉 I loved the first book!! but haven‘t gotten to read the new installment yet... 1mo
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UwannaPublishme Good to have you back! 🎉📚 1mo
Literary_Siren @HOTPock3tt @UwannaPublishme thanks guys! It‘s good to be back! I‘ve missed y‘all! 1mo
Booknerd222 This is definitely on my TBR and I love the #Owlcrate edition of this! 1mo
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Winterwood | Shea Ernshaw
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Loving this fun, wintery novel! With the snow storms it‘s definitely the perfect mood read❄️📖 #currentread #owlcrate #litjoy #winterreads

funkyreader I‘m starting this today, also the owlcrate edition! 😍 1mo
Alora I want to read this so bad especially because of that beautiful design 😍 1mo
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Ni D'Eve Ni D'Adam | Amelie Nothomb
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Spoiler free! I got this in on Saturday! Gotta say while I prefer last month's box. This month's Owl Crate was still really good! #owlcrate #books #reading #bookbox #book

The Queen of Nothing | Holly Black
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You guys.

I won‘t lie, I was pretty disappointed when I realized I wouldn‘t be able to get the #OwlCrate edition of Queen of Nothing. It was just too expensive and OC put a lot of unnecessary stress around ordering. I was ready to give away my copies & call it quits.

I‘m so glad I didn‘t! I picked up the B&N exclusive edition today and it fits right in with my other two! They make a gorgeous and unique set put all together 🖤

Things work out 🥰

Nute I‘m glad that worked out for you and now you can continue to enjoy the series!🙂 2mo
Avanders Oh yes, totally agree!! ♥️ 2mo
Booknerd222 I loooove the alternate covers to this series!! 1mo
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Winterwood | Shea Ernshaw
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Love November‘s owlcrate box! Such a beautiful Winterwood cover. Can‘t wait to read it.😊📚 #owlcrate #yabooks