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Watched Jeopardy reruns and saw an answer that made me smile 😀

ljuliel ✨😊✨ 3d
MySharonaK @ljuliel I tried to tag you but I think there was a bad signal and it just wouldn‘t tag! 🤩 3d
ljuliel That‘s cool that they used your song / name in Jeopardy ! 😁 (edited) 3d
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ljuliel Litsy seems to be misbehaving a bit this morning. Notifications aren‘t working properly. 3d
ljuliel And posts don‘t show as being posted. 3d
MySharonaK @ljuliel Litsy being a bit naughty here as well!! 3d
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This is fun for booklist geeks: LitHub combed through many "best of 2019" lists, and tallied the titles named most frequently. It's embarrassing how few of these I've read, although in my defense, it's almost all fiction and I've read a lot on nonfiction this year. Thoughts? #bestof2019 #booklist https://lithub.com/the-ultimate-best-books-of-2019-list/

Emilymdxn That‘s so interesting! I always hope I‘ll have read more books on these lists than I have lol 5d
TiredLibrarian @Emilymdxn Me too! I feel like such a slacker when I haven't read many of the books on the list. 🙁 5d
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Thanks for the tag @4thhouseontheleft

Here's my pixeled version of #Top10OfTheDecade #NonFiction

I'm pretty sure not all of them were published in the past decade, but I read them in the past ten years.


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4thhouseontheleft That‘s one of the only Bill Bryson books I haven‘t read yet! 5d
ljuliel I see they hooked you, Jules 😂. It‘s hard to do this, but when you see others, you want to try it. 5d
julesG @ljuliel I was hesitating mainly because I thought I couldn't come up with ten. Then I realized just how many NF books I actually read within the last decade. Fiction will take me longer. I might have to break that down into individual genres. (I read too much.) 5d
Cinfhen Thanks for including all the links!!! I like being able to check them out😊🙌🏻 5d
ljuliel Yes, fiction is a harder list , I think. Nothing wrong with reading a lot. ( I don‘t know if too much and reading should go together. 😊) 5d
julesG @ljuliel Reading too much is not a bad thing in and of itself. Just means it's very hard picking favourites. If I only read 20 books each year it might be much easier to pick one for the top 10 than picking one out of 200. 5d
julesG @Cinfhen Thought it might be a good idea due to the pixeled pictures. 5d
ljuliel That‘s true. I had a couple of years that I read that many per year , but have slowed the pace quite a bit since then. I just mosey along nowadays. 5d
Reagan Stiff! I read that to my daughter when she was a baby! She liked when I read to her so I just read it in a mom voice lol. 4d
julesG @Reagan 😄😄 4d
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Christmas Trivia | Jennie Miller Helderman, Mary Caulkins
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#holidaytradition we play this game Every year with our friends and their kids. We learn something new every year. This year we learned that people that are afraid of Santa are Clausophobic. #wintergame #teamnutcracker

21 pts total 759

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I put the answers in a comment! Wasn't totally confident with this one lol hopefully they're correct! Lol

#wintergames team #TheFilthyAnimals @rather_be_reading
@StayCurious @Clwojick

InBooksILive 1.) C
2.) J
3.) E
4.) H
5.) D
6.) G
7.) B
8.) F
9.) I
10.) A
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1. C
2. J
3. E
4. H
5. D
6. G
7. B
8. F
9. I
10. A


Crimson613 21pts!! 1w
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wanderinglynn Awesome job! 🙌🏻⛄️📽 1w
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#GratefulReads - Day Twenty-Nine - #BlackInTheTitle I love etymology, and history, so the leap to common phrases, colloquiums and even nursery rhymes wasn‘t far - Albert Jack‘s books are so fun.

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🖤🖤🖤 2w
OriginalCyn620 🖤🖤🖤 2w
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Hi, I‘m back! 😊 I took a some time off to be with my family & to tweak my business. Now all my book sleeves are ready to ship, which was a huge undertaking but I‘m proud I accomplished it!

The holiday season is in full swing & I love rereading my Christmas books. Why Does Santa Wear Red is a favorite. It‘s a great non fiction book, describing where popular beliefs came from. I pair it with my Walking In A Winter Llamaland sleeve! ❤️🦙🎅🏻

rather_be_reading LOVE thr book sleeve 😍 3w
SewHappyStitchHappy @rather_be_reading thank you! I loved working with this fabric. It‘s so fun! 3w
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Yay, #bookmail and a big thank you to #callistopublishersclub for sending me this lovely #trivia book to review. The layout is great and there is such a wide range of questions. My husband and I are having so much fun quizzing each other 🤗

Crazeedi I love trivia!!❤❤❤ 4w
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