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A Heart for Milton
A Heart for Milton: A Tale from North and South | Trudy Brasure
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When Margaret Hale hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist's fervent marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her heart. But was it too late now to let the handsome, brooding mill owner know? Based on the novel 'North and South' by Elizabeth Gaskell, this book weaves a change near the end of the original plot to create a romantic continuation of an enduring love story. 'A Heart for Milton' brings to life all of Gaskell's rich characters: Nicholas Higgins, Hannah Thornton, Henry Lennox, Mr. Bell, and others. But at its core, this tale unfolds the joy, hope, passion, and fulfillment of the love forged between John Thornton and Margaret Hale as the reader follows their journey through the uncertainties of their engagement to the trials encountered in their first year of marriage ...and beyond.
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A good continuation for anyone who enjoyed Gaskell's original. The misunderstandings that plagued them at first still have them stumbling a bit but they eventually find their footing. Overall, I liked this. The lovie-dovieness was a bit much at first but it settled. Plus, it was helpful too that the BBC version with Richard Armitage has come out since I first read the original. Nothing wrong with having that visual in your head while reading 🙂

DGRachel I love North and South (the book and the miniseries)!! 2mo
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