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Broad Influence
Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way Washington Works | Jay Newton-Small
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2016 will be one of the most historic years in politics: It marks the potential for the first female President of the United States, and the 100th anniversary of the first woman elected to Congress. Additionally, in 2016, single women will be one of the most pivotal voting groups heading into the general election, being courted by both Democrats and Republicans.At the centennial of the first woman elected to Congress (which was three years before women legally earned the right to vote), their presence and influence in Washington has reached a tipping point that affects not only the inner workings of the Federal Government, but also directly influences how Americans live and work.Never before have women been represented in such great numbers in the Supreme Court, both chambers of Congress, and in the West Wing. In Broad Influence, Jay Newton-Small, one of the nation's most deeply respected and sourced journalists takes readers through the corridors of Washington D.C., the offices and hallways of Capital Hill and everywhere else conversations and deals are happening to demonstrate how women are reaching across the aisles, coalescing, and affecting lasting change.With deep, exclusive and behind-closed-doors reporting and interviews, including conversations with Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Mikulski, Kirsten Gillibrand, Valerie Jarrett, Sarah Palin, Kelly Ayotte, Cathy McMorris Rogers and dozens of other former and current senators, representatives, senior White House staffers, governors and cabinet members, Broad Influence is an insightful look at how women are transforming government, politics, and the workforce, and how they are using that power shift to effect change throughout America.
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I read this book after the 2016 election.And it resonated with the times & i always think back to this book ,when I hear that more women are running for office.The author addresses women in all branches of the political spectrum, the business field, the police force, in the military, and many other fields.I also learned what critical mass was & how important it is is to reach it ,in a group setting ,for women‘s voices to be heard:TOP PICK :)🚺

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Just got home and WOW WHAT AN AMAZING TIME at #BOOKCON my feet/knees are groaning from this massive haul but I joined #PenAmerica, got a ridiculous mug and a hilarious tote and my very first #ARC by a former professor I had in undergrad. Met some brilliant industry people, had illustrative conversations and got some good info/tips on how I might go about self-publishing. #whenithinkaboutmybooksitouchmyshelf

CatLadyBibliophile What a great haul! 3y
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻!!! Are you at #BookCon tomorrow too?! We should meet for a #LitsyPhotoOp 😎👍🏻 3y
mrozzz @MrBook that would have been fab but I only bought a one day pass! 3y
MrBook Next time then 😊👍🏻. You live in the city, right? 3y
mrozzz @MrBook no but I work in the city. 3y
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