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Quick History of Idaho Springs
Quick History of Idaho Springs | Beth Simmons
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AS a casual observer whizzes by on Interstate 70 in Colorado, it is hard to imagine Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County as the place in the wilderness where the Colorado Gold Rush of 1859 began. However, tales of men who made millions in the golden era of mining around Idaho Springs are as abundant as the remains of gold mines that liberally dot the landscape around this historic town. Beth Simmons captures this great era with the liberal use of historical photographs and reports. Her story makes it obvious why the area has often been referred to as "The Buckle of Colorado's Mineral Belt."
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Pushed pause on my reading last week so I could entertain my parents visiting me from PA. Museums, galleries, and mountain views! Favorite "read" was the plaque explaining that this water wheel was built in 1893 by miner Charlie Tayler, who claimed his long life was due to his never shaving, bathing, or kissing women (guess we know why they didn't want to kiss him!) ?

StillLookingForCarmenSanDiego I love when I'm reading a book & someone's Litsy handle clicks! Just started Good Omens. 😊 4mo
SaunteringVaguelyDownwards Ha! I'm glad to contribute to your amusement from the book. Enjoy it--it's one of my favorites! 4mo
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