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Embrace Yourself
Embrace Yourself | Taryn Brumfitt
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'Your body is not an ornament - it is the vehicle to your dreams.' When was the last time you wore a bikini without a care in the world? Did a bomb in the pool? Or participated in an activity that gave you such a thrill you almost wet your pants? (Or you actually did!) Taryn Brumfitt - Director of award winning documentary Embrace and fiercely passionate champion of women - has inspired over a million people across the world to embrace their bodies. Her message is urgent, critical, and incredibly inspiring. Learn to accept your body for all the wonderful gifts it brings you and reject the destructive fake images we are bombarded with every day. Embrace Yourself is the ultimate 'how to' guide to loving your body at every shape and size. Do you hate your body and want to learn how to let go of the unhappiness it brings? Do you just want to reach a greater sense of body-loving nirvana? If the answer is yes, then this book might just change your life. It's time to access your joy. It's time to Embrace Yourself.
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Embrace Yourself | Taryn Brumfitt
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I received another book via #netgalley. It's about woman and their opinion of themselves.
Taryn made a movie about women and why they don't like their bodies. She talks to different women within the book and tries to analyse, why diets don't work and why every woman should love herself. It was a "ok" for, sometimes it was too emotional...

Buechersuechtling Uhem. Sorry, I need to speak up and object. Diets do work. If not, it‘s mostly not the fault of the diet but is rooted in a lack of self-discipline and/or a missing awareness of that it‘s in many cases necessary to keep (at least some) changed eating habits up even after one has reached the weight s/he was aiming for. 4mo
Sarah83 @Buechersuechtling ich glaube, da gibt es kein richtig oder falsch. Sie führt einige Forschungen aus Australien an und auch mehrere Ärzte kommen im Buch zu Wort. Bei einer Diät passieren zwei Sachen: der Körper geht auf Sparmodus, dadurch kommt er mit weniger Kalorien aus und das Ausgangsgewicht wird gespeichert. Aus Höhlen Menschenzeiten will der Körper an das höchstg 4mo
Sarah83 Gewicht zurück. Das ist bei 90 Prozent der Menschen der Fall. Alternativ wird der Kalorienverbrauch nicht wieder angepasst. Es geht in dem Buch auch eher darum, dass man keiner Größe 0 nachjagen soll und den Menschen akzeptieren soll. 4mo
Buechersuechtling @Sarah83 Da hast du wohl recht, dass es ein Unterschied ist, ob man wegen eines BMI >25-26 abnehmen will oder weil man meint, in Size Zero passen wollen zu müssen. 4mo
Sarah83 @Buechersuechtling das meine ich, nur weil man dicker ist, muss man nicht sofort krank sein, wie es einem oft verkauft werden soll. 4mo
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