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The Book of Jonah: (A New Translation and Commentary)
The Book of Jonah: (A New Translation and Commentary) | Richie Cooley
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This is a new, literal, amplified translation of Jonah. It features a commentary that seeks to be relevant to today's pressing issues and also to expound eternal truths. It is written from a fundamental Christian outlook. This is the new, edited version.
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(Day 18 - #MerseyParadise)

*I‘m afraid I took all of the drowning bits literally, e.g., “You can bet your life I‘ll meet a pike who‘ll wolf me down for tea tonight.” I couldn‘t help it—it wouldn‘t get out of my head! Apologies to anyone who is offended by/been beaten over the head with the Bible. I just can‘t resist the idea of a whale vomiting up a human, so....♥️

Cinfhen Ha!!! I love this Bible story 3mo
gradcat @Cinfhen Thanks, Cindy! I never know if I will offend someone with biblical references...but a WHALE 🐋 ...and he VOMITS 🤮 a HUMAN 😂 I can‘t help myself...that line in the song is just too much. I don‘t know the song—I‘m getting a real education here with your & Arlene‘s prompts here. 3mo
Laura317 If I‘m not mistaken, the Bible says Jonah was swallowed by a big fish. I guess the fish has somehow made us all think whale. 3mo
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arlenefinnigan Ha! Nice work. 3mo
gradcat @Laura317 I guess you‘re right...that painting depicts a big fish, but not a whale...hmmm 🤔 ♥️ 😂 3mo
gradcat @arlenefinnigan Thank you! ☺️ 🙏 😊 3mo
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