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Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon
Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon: Game of Thrones and the Official Untold Story of the Epic Series | James Hibberd
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Praise from George R.R. Martin: "James Hibberd covered Game of Thrones from start to finish, and he knows where all the bodies are buried. It's all here, in his oral history of the series: how it began, how it ended, dragons and direwolves, what went on in front of the cameras and what went on behind the scenes, the triumphs and the stumbles, the tough decisions, the forks in the road, the reasons why. Actors, directors, showrunners, producers, executives, even me... Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon has it all, everything you ever wanted to know. Game of Thrones was an amazing ride. Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon is an amazing read. The official, definitive oral history of the blockbuster show from Entertainment Weeklys James Hibberd. It was supposed to be impossible. George R.R. Martin was a frustrated television writer who created his bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels to be an unfilmable saga bound only by the limits of his vast imagination. Then a pair of first-time TV writers teamed with HBO to try and adapt Martins epic. Weve all seen the eight seasons of the Emmy-winning fantasy series that came next. But there is one Game of Thrones tale that has yet to be told: the 13-year behind-the-scenes struggle to pull off this extraordinary phenomenon. In Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, award-winning Entertainment Weekly writer James Hibberd chronicles the untold and uncensored story of Game of Thrones, from the creative teams first meetings to staging the series finale and all the on-camera battles and off-camera struggles in between. The book draws from more than 50 revealing new interviews, rare and stunning photos, and unprecedented access to the producers, cast, and crew who took an impossible idea and made it into the biggest show in the world.
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One cannot deny that the show completely lost all of its cache once the final season aired. There are reasons for that, and the book gives you opinions and insightful information from all sides of the creative team to let you make your own determination. #amreading #bookworm #bibliophile #bookish #booknerdigans #bookblogger #tsundoku #greatreads #readmorebooks #coolgirlsread

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