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The Lost Girls of Foxfield Hall
The Lost Girls of Foxfield Hall: Gripping WW2 historical fiction filled with mystery | Jessica Thorne
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September, 1939. The moon shines silver on the looming yew trees. Thinking of her fianc, fighting for his life and country in the war, breaks Eleanors heart, but also gives her courage. She takes a deep breath, picks up her camera, and follows the dancing lights into the maze. Present day. With her little brother Missing in Action, gardener Megan Taylor runs from her grief to take a job at Foxfield Hall a centuries-old place full of myths and folklore restoring the wild maze in the overgrown gardens. Throwing herself into shaping the tangled ivy, Megan soon becomes drawn into the mystery of Lady Eleanor Fairfax, the Halls most famous resident the villagers say she disappeared without trace at the Harvest Festival in 1939, leaving behind a grieving father and a heartbroken fianc. Leafing through delicate old newspaper cuttings and gazing at an ornately framed portrait of the missing woman, Megan is full of questions. Although no body was ever found, could Eleanor have been murdered? Did she run away, unwilling to marry the man who loved her? Or, with her father working at the War Office, did Eleanor stumble upon a secret she shouldnt have? Then, one night under a full moon, a mesmerising light inexplicably draws her to the entrance of the maze. Megan is filled with a strange certainty that, if she follows it into the shadows, it will lead to the truth about Eleanor but could Megan herself be the next occupant of Foxfield Hall to be lost forever? A spellbinding, magical and addictive tale about the mysterious and ancient legends at the heart of the English countryside, and how to find those who are lost. Perfect for fans of Outlander, Susanna Kearsley and The Binding. Read what everyones saying about Jessica Thorne: Took my heart out of my chest, stomped on it and then put it back, while whispering, Keep reading I sat and ugly cried for 15 minutes. Awesome Alitza, ????? Captivating I simultaneously wanted to power through it but didn't want it to end it's fantastic. It's brilliant. I love it I have several notes in my Kindle app from emotional scenes where it's purely emotive responses of AWEEE, OMGGGG, WTF IS THIS?! Goodreads reviewer, ????? Im speechless my heart was breaking the whole ending was just me switching between the sobbing, mind blown, shocked, angry emojis There really isnt a calm moment in this book, and it keeps you turning the page youre going to fall in love kept me up until the light started shining in through my window. Perfect binge-able books. Have I convinced you yet? Writing the Universe, ????? I dont know what to say. I still havent recovered yet kept me in complete suspense led me to despair and back to earth again At some points I was completely devastated and I couldnt believe what I was reading. I went through all the possible feelings through this story amazing book. Goodreads reviewer, ????? I devoured this book and stayed up into the early hours of the morning just to finish it completely blew me away My heart broke I found myself shouting nooooo more times than a little be prepared for a heart-wrenching emotional journey Its a page-turner sure to be a bestseller brilliant book. Goodreads reviewer, ????? Really does pack a punch I loved every minute will have you at the edge of your seat I held my breath on numerous occasions... If I could give more than five stars I would. I absolutely loved it. Amanda J Evans, ?????
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I absolutely adored this book! Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to review it. Dual timeline, magic,witches, good vs. evil, and a little romance. It checked most of my boxes and I couldn‘t put it down. 💜💜💜