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The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse | Alex Bell
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On Bird Rock, gannets circle and thick mist surrounds the lighthouse at its centre, hiding the secrets of a tragic past within ... From the second they set foot on the island to join their dad and his new family, Jess and Rosie feel that something's wrong. Nightmares haunt their dreams and there seems to be someone, or something, else with them in the lighthouse - their home for the summer. Counting down the days until they can leave, Jess and Rosie decide to investigate. But when Rosie disappears, the countdown takes on a new meaning. Especially when no one but Jess remembers Rosie at all... Alex Bell's chilling novel is part of the Red Eye series, perfect for fans of Juno Dawson's SAY HER NAME and Kat Ellis's HARROW LAKE.
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The Lighthouse | Alex Bell
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I've always thought that lighthouses are naturally eerie places & this one definitely fits the bill. The plot itself was a little choppy - it was very fast-paced, so fast in fact, that I think some of the scene-setting & character development suffered due to this. Compared to an earlier book, Frozen Charlotte, the reader doesn't get to know the main character & therefore feels less invested in the outcome. (continued in comments)

OutsmartYourShelf There were some things that I thought were a little odd as I was reading it but these were explained in the conclusion & made more sense. The ending itself I thought was really good, it definitely wasn't happy ever after. Overall this was a mixed bag which gets a 3⭐ rating.

My thanks to NetGalley & publishers, Little Tiger Group/Stripes Publishing, for the opportunity to read an ARC.

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OutsmartYourShelf TW: If you are sensitive to animal (or in this case bird & gastropod) deaths then there are quite a few in this book - the birds killed by the hunters etc - & there is a very sad child death. There's also some scenes which may be triggering to anyone with claustrophobia.

Full Review: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/4882976023

Andrew65 A great review, well done 👏👏👏 2mo
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