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Death Nesting
Death Nesting: Ancient and Modern Death Doula Techniques, Mindfulness Practices and Herbal Care | Anne-Marie Keppel
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Death Nesting incorporates ancient and modern death doula techniques, mindfulness practices and herbal support to physically, emotionally and spiritually care for the dying. The focus is on "whole being" caregiving for home deaths but can be implemented into other settings such as acute care to create a more holistic experience. Basic physical care for bedridden individuals, anecdotal vignettes and glimpses into the world of spirit emphasize the poignancy, yet lightheartedness, of the dying process. The mindfulness practices, while profound, are also simple and can be done by anyone new to meditation. Throughout the book, references to nature inspire the understanding that death is part of life-a part which we all experience. Techniques for moving and bathing a bed ridden individual * What the body physically undergoes during the dying process * Practices for emotional soothing * Ceremony and energetic boundary guidelines * Reiki, timeline and ancestral support for the dying * Supporting the senses through the dying process * Herbal care for nourishing and healing on a spirit level * How to talk with children about dying and death * Self care for moving with grief * Basic mindfulness practices for contemplating your own mortality * Differences between Ancient and Modern Death Doulas
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Just as there are full spectrum doulas for all pregnancy outcomes, there are death doulas. This book is about the importance of dying with dignity, in peace and comfort. It serves as a guide/manual for what death doula work looks like and how to provide care before the transition comes, and what to do afterwards. This is needed. Death is just a transition; we need not fear it or carry stigma. Highly recommend. 🥀💀🥀

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