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Candlenight | Phil Rickman
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Stacks containing my #bookspin & #roll100 picks, as well as my own personal TBR game using the #bookspinbingo board.

#bookspin - McCourtney Undertow, Amityville Horror, Dean Koontz Coldfire options for #lfl find I'll donate back; tagged for #lfl find I'm currently reading.

#roll100 - JCO The Accursed, Mark Burnell The Rhythm Section (film adaptation), David Gilbert & Sons

The Shadow of the Wind | Carlos Ruiz Zafon

This was my October #BookSpin and I loved it! A new favorite for me, both the book and the author. Not sure why I waited for so long to read it, it had to be good with such a rec from Stephen King: “One gorgeous read.” The story and characters were great, writing was awesome and there is so much love of books from the very first chapter that it had to be a great read! A pick!


@PuddleJumper Also a #Roll100 pick from back in March

claudiuo I saved so many quotes from this book but one in particular caught my eye: “It's up to you how you waste your time and money. I'm staying here to read: life's too short.” 😃 18h
PuddleJumper Awesome! 18h
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 14h
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Made it 20 pages before I lost patience with this one. It felt like the author was trying way too hard to be edgy and shocking by piling on traumas for everyone. Probably would have stuck it out if I read this as a teenager when it originally caught my eye 🤷🏻‍♀️

First Oct #roll100 is a bail ✅

PuddleJumper You tried! 1d
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1.5/5⭐ A compendium of spells & rituals that focuses entirely on the what and not the why. I liked the thoroughness of topic coverage & the author's sometimes cheeky commentary on spells/rituals. However, he reduces history to a monolith &, while there's a bibliography, cites/sources almost nothing. Read for ideas to take for your own household (if you're okay with no reasoning behind them) but ignore everything said about the past. #roll100

Silent Spring | Rachel Carson
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Finished this fantastic read over the weekend as part of September's #Roll100! So glad I finally read this!

Concrete Rose | Angie Thomas
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Angie Thomas writes another book that keeps me hooked and reading.

BINGO TIME | J S Lubandi, Jaja Books
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Here‘s my #BookSpinBingo board for October. #BookSpin is The Year of Lear and #DoubleSpin is the first half of Vanity Fair, which is one of my #Roll100 picks as well. I‘m only doing two #Roll100 for the month since VF is hefty and I already read #100 - the other is Murder Is Bad Manners. Fingers crossed for a good reading October!

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Looks great!!! 3d
PuddleJumper Nice! 3d
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Vanity Fair | William Thackeray
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I am giving Vanity Fair a go for Victober. One of those Victorian classics I somehow missed reading. We shall see how it goes.
From today's walk. I headed out into the woods but then got paranoid about bears so headed back out of the woods. 😆

ravenlee I‘m giving it a go this month, too. It came up as both my #roll100 and #bookspin picks, so apparently the book gods think it‘s time. 3d
merelybookish @ravenlee Can't argue with those messages! Well good luck! I just have it on audio so may take me a while. Or I'll resort to getting a hard copy so I can do both. It's long! 3d
ravenlee Good luck to you, as well. 🤞🏻 3d
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Suet624 Are there a lot of bears there??? 3d
BarbaraBB I still haven‘t read that one either. And about the bears, I‘d get paranoid too! 3d
batsy I haven't read it, either! I feel like October should be the length of 3 months for all the themed reading I want to do (spooky, Victober). As for 🐻, eeek! 3d
merelybookish @Suet624 @barbarba @batsy I read a lot of Victorian lit when I was young but never felt drawn to this one..so we'll see. 🤞 As for the bears, yes, lots of black bears but we don't usually see them. But they are getting ready to hibernate so more active right now. I was probably fine, but why chance it? 😬 3d
merelybookish @ravenlee Feel free to tag me in any posts about VF! I will be interested to hear how it's going! 3d
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Immortal in Death | J. D. Robb
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My #Roll100 reads for October. Gone With the Ghost will be finished today. 🤓

PuddleJumper Nice! 4d
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5 ⭐️s
I absolutely LOVED this book! Everything about it was wonderful. I loved how Gaiman wrote the characters and how he was ambiguous about who/what Silas was, but the reader still knows. I adore Bod! The ending had me choked up, but was still beautifully done. I‘ll have to hunt down the graphic novel version now!
#Scarathlon2022 #TeamMonsterMash
All applicable readathons/contests/etc. will be tagged in the comments below.

MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm #ACosmicHorrorReadathon (counting this because of the Sleer) #OctoberReadathon (counting under Ouija prompt) #31by31 #Spookoween #ReadLikeHellathon (counting as 2 under Rose the Hat) #Pointsathon #Halloweekend #20in4 #AutumnAtoZ #Roll100
😮‍💨 (this point tracking may be harder than I originally thought)
TheSpineView Loved this too! 4d
Andrew65 Great. I love this book 👏👏👏 4d
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Catsandbooks Woo! 🖤 4d
Texreader I absolutely adore this book. I should add it to my tbr list for this month. I really want the graphic novel. 4d
DieAReader 🎉🎉🎉 3d
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