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I really liked the darkness of this book and this terrible sense that something bad is going to happen (which it obviously did). It‘s certainly a weird book but finally in a weird way I like. Now I just need someone to explain if it all means what I think it means??

And wow, that ending.

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pigeonsandcrows I, too, was strangely drawn to this book whilst everyone else in my book club strongly disliked it. It looks quite striking in the flowers! 3mo
thewallflower0707 @pigeonsandcrows the cover is so gorgeous!! And I totally understand why some people dislike the book, it‘s certainly not for everyone. 3mo
thewallflower0707 @pigeonsandcrows i was wondering what you think about the ending- does the narrator have some sort of awakening, is she free from the drugs, what will happen now that her friend is dead? 3mo
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pigeonsandcrows It's definitely not a book for everyone. I enjoy unlikable narrators, but still cringed at her sometimes. But I thought it was such an interesting book. 3mo
pigeonsandcrows I'm not sure what will happen to her. I felt like the author wasn't really interested in exploring her eventual fate as she was in discussing the process she went through to get there. 3mo
pigeonsandcrows My impression was that she gets off the drugs and "wakes up", maybe not in an entirely pleasant way. I thought the last chapter tied her "awakening " to the kind of new awareness people in the US had after 9/11. 3mo
pigeonsandcrows @thewallflower0707 I just realized I didn't tag and reply to you so I'm not sure you ever saw I responded. Sorry, I'm still quite new to this! 3mo
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