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BeeMagical LauraLee!💙 I wanted to make sure you received the package I sent! I know we had one HELL of a time with this postal mess!☹️ #AHS (edited) 5mo
BooksAndYarn @BeeMagical was it from bookoutlet? I got a package from there yesterday and won't open it because I know I haven't ordered anything recently lol 5mo
BiblioLitten Hey 👋🏼 You were my match for #LCS. 💜They said it would take only a week to reach your place but I guess it might take time. It‘s from Canada Post though, not Book Outlet. 😊 Posted on Dec 2 5mo
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BeeMagical Yes yes! That is the one from me!! I almost cried when it finally said delivered 😂 #AHS (edited) 5mo
BooksAndYarn @BiblioLitten thanks! I'll keep an eye out. Our mail comes from Newfoundland via ferry and the weather has been nuts lately and the ferry has been held up a lot so mail service is even slower than usual 5mo
BiblioLitten I understand. We do have time until opening day so fingers crossed 🤞🏽 5mo
BeeMagical @booksandyarn - You can MOST certainly open it!! It was my make up for a disastrous first attempt at sending my #AHS box 😓 Which is still M.I.A (thanks C.P LOL)🙄 5mo
BooksAndYarn @BeeMagical that's so generous, thank you so much! I hope you know I was fully aware it was a Canada Post thing, not a swap partner thing 5mo
BeeMagical @BooksAndYarn I felt SO bad, I was NOT letting CP get the best of me so I did whatever I could to get something to you!!💙💙 5mo
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