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Dragonwell Dead
Dragonwell Dead | Laura Childs
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Although Theodosia Browning barely knows a Phalinopsis from a Bog Rose, she still enjoys Charleston's Spring Plantation Ramble, especially since she can promote her Indigo Tea Shop and her latest concoction, Dragonwell Sweet Tea. But the party's over when Mark Congdon wins a bid for a rare orchid-and promptly dies. It looks like a simple heart attack, but Theo suspects that someone purposely turned his green thumb blue.
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Dragonwell Dead | Laura Childs
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When your bestie wants some holiday cups but can‘t get there until they run out, you do a Starbucks run and wait for an hour for your drinks to come out because of the crowd.

wanderinglynn My Starbucks was packed this morning! Usually 2-3 people at 6:50, but this morning there were at least 15, maybe 20 and cars backed up in the drive through! Plus, they were down an espresso machine. 😂 I felt bad for the baristas. ☕️ 1mo
mdm139 @wanderinglynn mine was packed too, and a guy ordered 40 custom drinks for everyone in his office during the mad rush for cups. So I had to wait an hour for my drinks. 1mo
wanderinglynn @mdm139 😲 Who orders 40 custom drinks at rush hour? And by the time they make the 40th one, wouldn‘t the first one be cold? 1mo
mdm139 @wanderinglynn that is exactly what the 60 people waiting for their drinks was thinking. But they made the hot ones first and some of those hot drinks you can‘t drink them for an hour anyway. But it was like Really Dude, it is rush hour plus free cups plus holiday drinks and you are going to order 40 custom drinks? At least make them all the same thing on tap. 1mo
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