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Hex11: The Hellion Awakens | Kelly Sue Milano
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HEX11 is the epic story of a future where magic has been discovered as a new technology. Elanor, a young witch-in-training, navigates the urban underworld known as the Hex; facing corporate conspiracies, demon mercenaries, and black market magic dealers.In the wake of the events of Volume One, Elanor has become both hero and villain within The Hex, finding herself caught between two worlds. The power she has and the evil she vowed to fight, may turn out to be one and the same.HEX11: Volume Two collects the second six-issue arc of this continuing hit series, the premiere title for independent publisher HexComix. Nominated for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity, with art by Lisa K. Weber and script by Kelly Sue Milano, HEX11 is an exciting drama series for all sci-fi/fantasy fans.
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Hex11: The Hellion Awakens | Kelly Sue Milano
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I had so much fun the first time around, I‘m doing another one - exclusive to comics this time!

#7Days7Covers #ComicCoverCrush

Day 1

A little twist on the original challenge. Post 7 comic covers that you love over 7 days, with no explanation.

@Weaponxgirl would you like to join in?

Thanks to @GrilledCheeseSamurai & @TK421 for starting all the comic cover fun 😃

GrilledCheeseSamurai Yaaaaay! Nice cover! And thanks for joining in! ❤️ 2mo
Hooked_on_books I really enjoyed this challenge, too. I love that you‘re taking it another step. 2mo
TK421 Nice cover! I'm going to have to give this series a try. 2mo
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