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Sleepaway: The Girls of Summer and the Camps They Love | Laurie Susan Kahn
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Explores the memories of summer camp from the girls who spent their summers swimming, hiking, crafting, making friends, and finding themselves.
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Starting this today. I never attended camp as an adolescent but I worked at camps in college and professionally for awhile. It was a true highlight of my life. (Though the worst experience of my life also happened while I was working at a camp 🤷🏼‍♀️) I can't wait to dive in!

Did you ever attend camps? Work at them? Fond memories? Terrible memories?

QueenJen I worked at a Girl Scout camp for the summer after I graduated. I shared a tent with another counselor and we named a spider that had moved in Charlotte. 8mo
emtobiasz My fiancé and I met while working at an academic summer camp for tweens and teens! I never really liked my camp experiences as a kid but loved working there as a college student. 8mo
Lauram I worked at a camp for children and adults with disabilities. 8mo
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SamanthaMarie @QueenJen When working at a camp we went on camp tours in the off season, the Girl Scout camp we visited was one of my favorites! Aww Charlotte 😍 that sounds so fun! (Also brave, I have a hard time with spiders.) 8mo
SamanthaMarie @emtobiasz So glad your experiences were redeemed in college!! I met my husband when we were both counseling at a summer program. It is a great place to meet people. Do you have a date for your wedding set? Congratulations! 😍 8mo
SamanthaMarie @Lauram I bet that was a great experience!! In this book a small section talks about a woman had really great camp experiences and then when she had her daughter with down syndrome she opened up a camp for kiddos with disabilities so they could have the same wonderful experiences she had when she was younger. Camp can be so powerful! 8mo
Chrissyreadit I volunteered at a week long camp for kids with cancer and their siblings for seven years. Still holds a place in my heart. I would miss everyone for months after each year. 8mo
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