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Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali | James Buckley, Jr.
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A biography of the legendary boxer, who began his career as Cassius Clay, discussing his prowess in the ring, his conversion to Islam and opposition to the Vietnam War, and his life after boxing.
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Muhammad Ali | James Buckley, Jr.
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Who Is Muhammad Ali? would do great as an IR in your classroom library. This B chapter book will interest your young readers who want to get to know Muhammad Ali‘s background and how he came to be the man he was. #lae3414sp19

jessicabaksh UDL principle 3.1 (activate or supply background knowledge) works well with this novel because of the information that lies within the text 10mo
jessicabaksh ESOL strategy 38 (assign short readings for homework) would work well with this book since it is a chapter book but the chapters are quite short so it will be manageable for your esol students 10mo
jessicabaksh Here is another teacherspayteachers link for activities that go along with this text: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Browse/Search:muhammad%20ali 10mo
sydneydaniels I read this book too. It was great! It‘s so interesting to learn about historical people in these style books. 9mo
DrSpalding Try using high-quality resources like the publisher. 9mo
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Muhammad Ali | James Buckley, Jr.
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#lae3414sp19 The chapter book “Who is Muhammad Ali?” written by James Buckley Jr. and illustrated by Stephen Marchesi (B) is all about Muhammad Ali, who was a boxer and civil rights activist. This book would be a great IR because of the length of the book and illustrations. For UDL, I would use 3.1, 3.2 and 2.5 as strategies. For ESOL, I would use numbers 30 and 43 to help the ELL understand all of the factual information.
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sydneydaniels This lesson plan: https://educators.brainpop.com/lesson-plan/dr-martin-luther-king-jr-lesson-plan-... can help aid a student into doing a biography project about Muhammad Ali to learn more about his life. 10mo
DrSpalding Your resource is fantastic! I tend to forget to use brain pop and lesson plan examples. English learner 28 is perfect for all biography related books. 9mo
DrSpalding ? Your attachment says Martin Luther King junior…? 9mo
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