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St. Louis County Library - Oak Bend Branch
St. Louis County Library - Oak Bend Branch | St. Louis, MO (Library)
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St. Louis County Library - Oak Bend Branch
842 S. Holmes Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63122 USA
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1. I live/work outside Pittsburgh now, but this is the library I spent the most time in growing up.
2. As an employee, 5 days a week. Outside of work, every week or two for a book club meeting or to explore a different branch.
3. My partner and I played a library board game tonight! I also get e-audiobooks on Libby and Hoopla, the occasional DVD, and different kits that I mostly use for library programming.

kricheal I live outside of Pittsburgh too! 👍👍 3mo
jillrhudy Thanks for this--turns out these graphics are free from Libraries Transform! Perfectionist me needs to turn the library card on the Facebook post into our own library card using GIMP however. . .shouldn't take more than an hour and a half today. Library social media manager here, going on five years now! 2mo
emtobiasz @jillrhudy Thank @nitalibrarian, who posted it first! 2mo
lisslalissar I worked at this branch for nearly 10 years! At Grant's View now, but OB holds a special place as my first library and ys job 🙂 2mo
emtobiasz @lisslalissar that‘s so cool! 2mo
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