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A Door in the Earth
A Door in the Earth | Amy Waldman
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For readers of Cutting for Stone and The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a new novel from the author of the national bestseller The Submission, about an idealistic young Afghan-American woman trapped between her ideals and the complicated truth. Twenty-two-year-old Parveen is an Afghan-American anthropology student at UC Berkeley, adrift between the separate pulls of a charismatic professor whose contempt for Western cultural narratives runs deep, Afghan immigrant parents who have never quite found their footing in America's strange orbit, and the illicit secret life of young Afghan Americans trying to live normal lives in America. When she comes upon a best-selling book called Mother Afghanistan, a memoir by humanitarian Gideon Crane that has been turned into a sort of bible for American engagement abroad, she's inspired. Galvanized by the author's experience and bent on following in his footsteps, Parveen travels to a remote village in the land of her birth to join with his charitable foundation. When she arrives, however, Gideon's clinic is not a light in the war-torn darkness but a decrepit, unstaffed tomb, the shadowy remains of the place she'd read about. Bit by bit, the fabrications in Gideon's account are revealed, until the foundation on which Parveen chose to make her life-changing pilgrimage crumbles beneath her. Meanwhile, various forces on both sides of the perpetual conflict are amassing, eager to use Crane's words and Parveen's presence to their own ends. When a dramatic bombing occurs, Parveen must decide whether her loyalties lie with the villagers or with the U.S. military-and, by extension, America. A Door in the Earth is a piercingly intelligent story about power, perspective, and idealism, a taut, propulsive novel that brushes aside the dust of America's longest-standing conflict and reveals the complicated truths beneath.
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A Door in the Earth | Amy Waldman
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5🌟 Out Aug27th! This book captured my heart. So compelling and eloquently written. A powerful, political, character driven novel focusing on post 9/11 patient and maternity care in Afghanistan.
I really appreciate Waldman focusing on the female experience in Afghanistan. Such great characters. Her writing is beautiful and I loved the structure of the book. It flowed really well. This book leaves you with a lot to think about. #bookreview

JennyM That sounds an emotional read! Great review 6mo
BookAlongBlog @JennyM It Was!! Thanks for reading 😊 5mo
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