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The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam
The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam | Chris Ewan
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Charlie Howard travels the globe writing suspense novels for a living, about an intrepid burglar named Faulks. To supplement his income---and to keep his hand in---Charlie also has a small side business: stealing for a very discreet clientele on commission. When a mysterious American offers to pay Charlie 20,000 euros if he steals two small monkey figurines to match the one he already has, Charlie is suspicious; he doesn't know how the American found him, and the job seems too good to be true. And, of course, it is. Although the burglary goes off without a hitch, when he goes to deliver the monkeys he finds that the American has been beaten to near-death, and that the third figurine is missing. Back in London, his long-suffering literary agent, Victoria (who is naive enough to believe he actually looks like his jacket photo), tries to talk him through the plot problems in both his latest manuscript and his real life---but Charlie soon finds himself caught up in a caper reminiscent of a Cary Grant movie, involving safe-deposit boxes, menacing characters, and, of course, a beautiful damsel in distress. Publishers Weekly called Chris Ewan's The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam one of the "best books for grownups."
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#Amsterdam #WanderingJune

Thanks, hosts, for another fun month of prompts😘😘

Cinfhen Thanks for joining us xx hope you had an awesome holiday 5mo
BarbaraBB This book looks fun. Thank you for joining 💕 5mo
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If you enjoy crime fiction, books about writers and Amsterdam, then you might like this mystery! It was a fun read and interesting to see a mystery solved from the mind of a mystery author and how he applied his writing process to solving a 'real' crime.

CarolynM I really like this series. Have you read any of the others? 1y
Ms.Story This is the only one I've read. Do you have a favourite?! 1y
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Had a great day off from work (it's my birthday and I don't work on my birthday - it's the law... or a rule... or kind of a guideline.... 😄) and did some audiowalking on the beach. So nice! #audiowalking

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Important travel preparations on New Year's Day

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