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The Convert
The Convert | Stefan Hertmans
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A brilliant reconstruction of an incredible journey across medieval Europe to Egypt, and an untold story of forbidden love. In the small village in Provence where Stefan Hertmans has made his home, people have long spoken of an ancient pogrom and hidden treasure. Then, at the end of the nineteenth century, an extraordinary collection of Jewish documents was found in a synagogue in Cairo. Hertmans has based The Convert on these historical sources, tracing the life of a young Christian noblewoman who abandoned everything for the love of a rabbis son. In this startlingly contemporary novel, Hertmans follows in her footsteps as the lovers flee through France together, pursued by crusading knights, and recounts her dazzling journey full of love and hardship, courage and hate, as she journeys on towards Jerusalem alone. The Convert brings the chaos of the Middle Ages to life with boundless imagination and stylistic ingenuity, portraying the tragic love story of a woman in exile and a world in flux.
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The Convert | Stefan Hertmans
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LeahBergen This sounds GOOD. 😮 2mo
PetrozavaRR Thank you so much for tagging me and welcoming me in such a sweet way🥰🥰❤❤🌹Definitely will do it!🤗📚 2mo
batsy Sounds and looks so good. 2mo
Simona @PetrozavaRR My pleasure 😘 Looking forward to see what you will pick! 2mo
Simona @LeahBergen @batsy Yes, sounds very promising and he have interesting style to tell the story - mixing nonfiction with fiction. 2mo
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