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Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell
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Dark Tales by Shirley Jackson
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Queen Victoria's Mother by Dulcie M. Ashdown
Milton Place | Elisabeth de Waal
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It‘s now October so that means it‘s time for one of our #PersephoneClub reads!

@elkeOriginal ‘s pick for us this month is Milton Place by Elisabeth de Waal. This is a casual buddy read; read and comment on each other‘s posts and reviews as you see them. We usually aim to finish by the middle of the month but that‘s not written in stone. 😉 And anyone is welcome to read along with us, of course!

elkeOriginal It is already on my bedside stack for this month! (edited) 2d
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quietjenn I was just thinking it was time to get it off of the Persephone shelf! 2d
Tamra I‘m in! Thank you for including me! 🥰 (I just ordered, so hoping for speedy delivery. 🤞🏾) (edited) 2d
sisilia Thanks for tagging me @LeahBergen I finished it yesterday, and I loved it! It‘s a gem! 2d
LeahBergen @Liz_M Thanks, Liz! 2d
LeahBergen @quietjenn And I need to get it off my Persephone shelf, too. 😊 2d
LeahBergen @Tamra I hope it doesn‘t take too long to arrive. 🤞 2d
LeahBergen @sisilia Oh, good! Now I‘m looking forward to it even more. 😊 2d
Cathythoughts Thanks Leah ! I have my copy here beside me… I hope to start soon 👍🏻♥️ 2d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I have a few others to finish off first, too. 😄 2d
elkeOriginal @LeahBergen needs to FIND it on her overflowing Persephone shelf! 😉 23h
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Dark Tales | Shirley Jackson
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I‘m jumping into my October reads a day early with this collection of short stories. I‘ve read and enjoyed the first three and, as usual, Shirley Jackson never disappoints. 🌹

MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Love the creepy bookmark! 😍 3d
LeahBergen @MegaWhoppingCosmicBookwyrm Thanks! It‘s one of those lenticular ones where it looks like a portrait of a nice Victorian grandmother until you move it. 😆 3d
Gissy Beautiful bookmark!👻 3d
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UwannaPublishme Coolest bookmark! 3d
Cathythoughts That is a great bookmark. Love Shirley Jackson ♥️ 3d
CarolynM 😱 2d
jlhammar Awesome bookmark. Jackson is the perfect choice to kick-off October! 2d
LeahBergen @Gissy @UwannaPublishme It makes me laugh! 😆 2d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts She‘s great! 2d
LeahBergen @CarolynM 😆😆 2d
LeahBergen @jlhammar She‘s a perfect way to ease into the month. 😄 2d
AvidReader25 She is always October perfection! 1d
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A Helping Hand | Celia Dale
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Daunt Books has just rereleased this forgotten 1966 novel of suspense.

Josh and Maisie Evans like to lend a helping hand to vulnerable older women (especially those with no one else to turn to). When their elderly lodger, Flo, dies and leaves them her estate they take themselves to Italy for a holiday. There they meet Mrs. Fingal, a wealthy widow, and decide to lend a helping hand again…

jlhammar Oooh, this sounds good. Love the photo! 4d
Aims42 Love that purse 😍 I have my grandmother‘s purse from the 1950‘s that I bring out sometimes. Such a classic, timeless style 4d
LeahBergen @jlhammar Thanks! 😘 4d
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LeahBergen @Aims42 Thank you! I have a few vintage bags. My faves are some 1960s clutches from my Mom and my mother-in-law. I trot those out whenever I have an evening affair to attend. 😆 4d
Tamra I‘m intrigued! 4d
Leftcoastzen 👍👏👜❤️ 4d
Cathythoughts Great! Loving the bag ♥️ and stacking the book 👍🏻 4d
batsy Ooh I just added this to the list the other day! Love the photo & bag 🖤 4d
LeahBergen @Tamra Me, too! 3d
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen Thanks! 😆 3d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts @batsy I‘m thinking this might be our kind of read. 😄 3d
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War Among Ladies | Eleanor Scott
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Today‘s book mail: the new Christie bio and the latest #BritishLibraryWomenWriters release. 🎉

War Among Ladies is a 1928 novel about the infighting between female teachers at an all-girls high school. Ooo!

AmyG Let us know how that is. Sounds “catty” and fun. 5d
kspenmoll Oh they both look so good! 5d
batsy Oooh, fun! The Eleanor Scott is high on my wishlist. Perfect girls' school title 😆 5d
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LeahBergen @AmyG The prospect of cattiness appealed to me. 😆 5d
LeahBergen @kspenmoll I thought so, too! 5d
LeahBergen @batsy Right? I can‘t resist a good school story so I knew I‘d be ordering this one. 😆 5d
Cathythoughts This makes me smile. Look forward to your thoughts on the cattiness 👍🏻😄 5d
Cathythoughts Two great covers ♥️♥️ 5d
MrsK I have to order my Agatha now!!🥰 4d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts They are, aren‘t they? 😊 4d
LeahBergen @MrsK I flipped through it a bit and it looks SO good! 4d
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Untitled | Anonymous
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Just to let @wanderinglynn and @MaleficentBookDragon know that I‘ve shipped my #HauntedHollowSwap and #AllHallowsReadSwap packages. 🎃🎃🎃

Yes, some poor soul got me as their match for both. 😆


mabell That‘s like winning the lottery! 🎉😄 5d
quietjenn 🙂 what @mabell said! 5d
LeahBergen @mabell @quietjenn You‘re both too kind. 😆😆 5d
wanderinglynn 🎃🖤🙌🏻 Convenient to only have to ship one box! 😆 4d
LeahBergen @wanderinglynn Exactly! Luckily the #AllHallowsReadSwap is a small one and I could cram it into the prepaid box. 😆 4d
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Here‘s a ketchup recipe from a 1789 cookbook that I have. It seems that “catchup” implies the usage of mushrooms and not tomatoes. Interesting, don‘t you think? 😆

A House in the Country - Ruth Adam

Ruthiella Thanks for sharing! 😃 There are a few YouTube channels that show how it was to cook in the 18th century, with only a open fire, no running water, etc. with time appropriate foodstuffs and according to 18th century recipes which I find fascinating. I also looked at the Wikipedia page for ketchup… I‘m not a cook at all but I find the history of it all interesting! 1w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I love the history of cooking, too (and domestic history, in general). I just recently read the cookbook of Martha Lloyd (Jane Austen‘s friend and housemate) and found it fascinating. How our “taste” has changed! 1w
Bluebird How interesting! I love these old cookbooks! I need to pull out my Gervase Markham book ‘The English Housewife‘. From the 1600‘s. He gives advice/recipes on cooking and brewing. Also interesting stuff about medicine and clothing, etc. Time for a bit of fun with it. 😀 1w
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CarolynM Sounds OK to me, I like mushrooms ? I thought it was strange she said it tasted "vinegary" - sounded more like pickles than ketchup. 1w
CarolynM I've just seen @jlhammar 's post and I see I'm wrong, it tasted of brine, not vinegar. I could have sworn I had the pickle thought while reading🤔🙄 1w
batsy This is so fascinating! Thanks for sharing. I love mushrooms but not ketchup in the version I know it, tomato ketchup ? I'm not sure how I'd feel about this "catchup"... 1w
Chrissyreadit I found this fascinating also. I love learning about how people lived in other times and how tastes have changed. I wonder if there is still something similar with mushrooms somewhere but called a different name. 1w
mabell Quite a different catchup! Were the English eating tomatoes at this time? 1w
Tamra How fun to explore! I wonder now about the etymology of catchup. (edited) 1w
jlhammar I was hoping you'd post this! Very cool. I love the use of “'em“ in the recipe, as in “put 'em in a stew pot.“ And yes, really interesting that in England at the time “catchup“ was mushroom (or so it seems). That is news to me. 1w
BarbaraBB Beautiful picture 💓 1w
erzascarletbookgasm ‘Catchup‘ huh..interesting! And THE HAND! 1w
Graywacke How fascinating (and somehow using “falt”, and waiting “wilft you get more” just makes more entertaining reading). 1w
LeahBergen @Bluebird That cookbook sounds wonderful! 1w
LeahBergen @CarolynM And I liked that it was never eaten after all their effort to make it. 😆 1w
LeahBergen @batsy I‘m a fan of “our” ketchup. Tomato, that is. 😆 1w
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit I Googled it and it seems like there are still a few commercial brands in production. I‘d be tempted to buy a bottle, just to try it, after this discussion! 😆 1w
LeahBergen @mabell I think tomatoes were around in the UK since the 1500s or so. 🤔 1w
LeahBergen @Tamra I was thinking that, too! Catchup, catsup, ketchup… 1w
LeahBergen @jlhammar That “em” makes me laugh. 😆 1w
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB Thanks! 😘 1w
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm The hand is back! 🤣 1w
LeahBergen @Graywacke No dashing out to the grocers in those days! 😆 1w
Kimzey Interesting food lore! 1w
Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen hmmm me too I‘m curious. 1w
LeahBergen @Kimzey It is, isn‘t it? 1w
Centique Food history is so interesting! I love this old font too 😍 1w
LeahBergen @Centique I‘m always tickled by the “f as s” type. I don‘t know why. 😆 1w
Jess_Read_This Oh heavens. As someone who uses tomato based catsup with the robustness of a five year old at times, a mushroom based one seems horrifying. And I like mushrooms! 1w
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This I hear you. I can‘t live without ketchup. 😆 1w
Jess_Read_This @LeahBergen Same! I‘ve developed a reputation at the local breakfast spot… the waitresses just bring me a bottle for my omelette and shake their heads. 🤣 1w
TheKidUpstairs This actually sounds delicious to me! Not necessarily in place of tomato ketchup, but it would be is own nice condiment! A steak sauce maybe? Any idea what "Jamaica" refers to here? 1w
LeahBergen @TheKidUpstairs I was wondering if it would be a bit like an HP Sauce or something myself? I believe the recipe is referring to what we know as allspice when it references “Jamaica pepper”. 1w
Cathythoughts That‘s a great picture, the hand looks perfectly at home there 👌🏻 7d
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts The hand loves old paper. 😆 5d
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The Land Of Spices | Kate O'Brien
post image

Thank you, @ShelleyBooksie , for this gorgeous and thoughtful #FallingForFallSwap package!

Another #FurrowedMiddlebrow for my collection, a Kate O‘Brien that‘s been long on my wish-list, lovely jasmine tea and that BEAUTIFUL teacup set … I love it all. 😘😘

And thank you to @Avanders for hosting another great swap! 😘😘


ShelleyBooksie Yay!!!! I am so glad you like it ♡♡♡ 2w
Tamra The tagged book sounds like a good one! 2w
squirrelbrain Such a lovely tea cup! ❤️ 2w
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jlhammar Wow, that teacup is gorgeous! Very interested in The Land of Spices. If a book has a nun in it (or really anything about monastic/religious life), I can't resist. I own this one and have been meaning to get to it for a while now. Maybe in 2023? 2w
Avanders Oh what a gorgeous teacup set!! 😍😍🍂🫶🏽🍁♥️ 2w
LeahBergen @ShelleyBooksie I love it all! 😘 (edited) 2w
LeahBergen @Tamra It does, doesn‘t it? 2w
LeahBergen @squirrelbrain @Avanders It‘s beautiful! 😍 2w
LeahBergen @jlhammar I‘m the same way with nuns in books. 😆 I own The Corner That Held Them, too, and still need to get to it. Have you read this one? 2w
jlhammar @LeahBergen No, but I really need to. Sounds wonderful! 2w
AlaMich @jlhammar @leahbergen I am a card-carrying member of the “books-with-nuns lovers“ group! If the nuns are medieval or thereabouts, even better! I vouch for The Corner…as well, and I can‘t wait to read Matrix now that it‘s in paperback. (edited) 2w
LeahBergen @AlaMich I was thinking of you while texting this as we‘ve had this same conversation ourselves. 😆 I picked up a cheap copy of Matrix at a book sale this past spring. 👍 2w
AlaMich @LeahBergen I thought maybe we had talked about it but everything goes down the memory hole these days. 2w
DinoMom That tea set is gorgeous! 2w
batsy Count me in the nun book group, though I haven't really read any as of yet... I just keep adding to the TBR 😂 the tagged book sounds fascinating! 2w
LeahBergen @AlaMich I hear ya. 🙄 2w
LeahBergen @DinoMom Isn‘t it? 2w
LeahBergen @batsy 🤣🤣 I know what you mean! 2w
Cathythoughts Beautiful gifts ! So thoughtful ❤️ 2w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I thought so, too. 😊 1w
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Currently reading.

I‘m in one of those moods where I really don‘t know what I feel like reading next (which is rare for me). I‘ve had this copy of Gillespie and I sitting on my shelves for years and somehow its time has come. 😆

Ruthiella I loved Gillespie and I. Her debut is also really good (and different in tone) 2w
CarolynM I‘m feeling a bit like that at the moment. I‘ve started and discarded a few books this week☹️ 2w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I really liked The Observations! It was the reason why I picked this one up at a sale (but somehow let it age on my shelves 😆). 2w
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LeahBergen @CarolynM I hate when I get like this. I usually know what I‘m going to read next before I finish a book. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2w
Ruthiella I just ordered her third book a minute ago. I feel like I need to be a completist! 😆 2w
batsy Hope they both fit your mood! Lovely covers, as always 😍 2w
LeahBergen @Ruthiella Ooo, I can‘t wait to hear what you think of it. I just checked yesterday to see if she had published anything else recently. 2w
LeahBergen @batsy 😘😘 2w
UwannaPublishme You have the coolest vintage books to chose from! 1w
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme Aww, thanks! I do love a vintage book. 😆 1w
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The Book of Cold Cases | Simone St. James
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Sunday night reading (and wine-ing). 🍷

vivastory What is the your preferred type of wine? 2w
Cathythoughts Looks perfect 👌🏻 2w
LeahBergen @vivastory This one is a Malbec. My preferred type always changes and there are not many wines that I DON‘T like. 😆 2w
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vivastory I understand. I 💙a good Malbec & definitely prefer red over white, but sometimes I want a Merlot and sometimes I want a Cabernet 🍷 2w
LeahBergen @vivastory I‘m the same. I drink dry whites or dry rosès when it‘s hot but prefer reds. 2w
vivastory Same! I might grab a bottle of a dry white to have with dinner tonight as there's only a few weeks of summer left 2w
britt_brooke Perfect! 2w
Centique I would just like to pipe in and say I have yet to meet a wine variety I don‘t like @vivastory @LeahBergen And just like tempting book covers there are some Very Pretty wine labels that seem to call to me…. 2w
Centique And I would love to take you two to Gisborne and introduce you to some really full bodied chardonnays @LeahBergen @vivastory Let me know when you can get here!! 2w
vivastory @Centique @leahbergen That would be the experience of a lifetime!! As a Tolkien fan I would of course have to make the trek to Matamata to visit Hobbiton 🙂 🍷 2w
Centique @vivastory that is an absolute must for our itinerary too! 😍 2w
LeahBergen @Centique @vivastory Count me in for all of it! Wouldn‘t it be glorious? 🥰 1w
IamIamIam I'm adding this to my Libby list!. I'm currently listening to 5d
LeahBergen @IamIamIam I was a little underwhelmed by this one. 🤔 I really enjoyed The Broken Girls (and several of her other books) but found this a bit disappointing. I hope you like it better than I did! 5d
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The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides
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The patient is on the therapist‘s couch. 😉

I started this speedy thriller before bed last night and I‘m already on page 200 or so. It‘s a fun one!

jlhammar Looks like a great reading spot! 3w
LadySLI 🤤that chair! 3w
CarolynM That book annoyed me SO much! I really shouldn‘t read thrillers😬🥴 3w
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Tamra @CarolynM 😆 I‘m with you. I bailed on the last one because I had that sneaking suspicion. 3w
Tamra Perfect spot patient analysis! 🤓 3w
Ruthiella 😂😂😂perfect ! 👌 3w
batsy 😆 3w
Cathythoughts This is an interesting 🧐 patient. Nice one Leah 😂 2w
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Well, THIS one has certainly cured me of any “lady of the manor house” dreams I may have been entertaining. 😆

The author, along with her husband and four friends, leases a Kentish manor house after enduring the austerities of WWII London. As glorious as the house and the countryside turn out to be, it all becomes untenable when they realize that the upstairs/downstairs way of life of these places is no longer possible in a post-war world.

Leftcoastzen Love the mug , love your review! 3w
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen Thanks! The wee Nippon cup was a recent find at a junky country antique shop. 😆 3w
Tamra I was just thinking the very same today! 😏 3w
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Ruthiella Great succinct review! I often daydream what I would do if I won the lottery and buying a big house (not a manor but say a beautiful two story California craftsman) is no longer part of the dream because just thinking about the upkeep makes me tired! 😂 3w
LeahBergen @Tamra @Ruthiella Right? Geez, I live in a small 1928 house and I think it‘s crumbling down around me. 🤣🤣 3w
batsy Love the picture. And well said; I totally feel we've been shown the "behind-the-scenes" of manor life in a vivid way! 3w
MrsK Wonderful review. Makes me think cover should contain a “Cautionary Tale” sort of subtitle 🤣. 3w
jlhammar @LeahBergen Oh, me too! I live in a 1914 American Foursquare and that is quite enough work. Endless projects. I have visions of our bathtub falling through the floor (like in the movie, The Money Pit) or my foot breaking through a stair tread. And so much dusting! But, we were charmed by the big fireplace and beautiful built-in buffet and other woodwork. 3w
Cathythoughts Great review! I‘m still reading , but yes I‘m so glad we have a small house … the thought of any more cleaning and painting and decorating 🙄🙄too much trouble. 😁 3w
Cathythoughts The beautiful flowers and garden are my favorite part so far. 3w
LeahBergen @batsy Thanks! 😘 3w
LeahBergen @MrsK It should! 😆 3w
LeahBergen @jlhammar Lucky you! Your house sounds gorgeous. 🥰 3w
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I know! And the older I get, the lazier I get. 😆 3w
tpixie @LeahBergen lol 😂 fun thread! (edited) 3w
LeahBergen @tpixie 😆😆 3w
Jess_Read_This Hahaha! Same! No lady of the manor house dreams here. I don‘t have the energy for the upkeep! Fantastic review, Leah! 2w
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Untitled | Anonymous
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To whoever is my secret #FallingForFallSwap match … I believe my packages have arrived.

#JohnnyBergen is peeved that he can‘t open these yet. He ALWAYS “helps” with bubble wrap envelopes. 😆


Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽🍁🍂🎃♥️ 3w
Megabooks Such a helpful boy! 😉 3w
sarahbellum Johnny! 😍 Our pup, Gus, is convinced that every package that arrives is for him 3w
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mabell There is just something about bubble wrap! 😆 3w
TrishB Awww look at that little face 🐶❤️ 3w
Cathythoughts Gorgeous photo 🥰 3w
batsy Aww that floofy face 😍 3w
britt_brooke *boop* 2w
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What a life. ❤️

Gissy Yes!👸🏻 4w
Libby1 💔 4w
rubyslippersreads What a lovely collection. ❤️👑 4w
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jlhammar Indeed. The end of an era. Love your shelf of royal reads. 4w
Andrew65 A very surreal and sad day. 4w
Leftcoastzen ❤️😢 4w
kspenmoll Love your shelf too. She was beyond amazing.🥲 4w
Dragon 😢💚🐉 4w
MrsK Love your royal collection ❤️💔 3w
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Okay, #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub -ers … I‘ve finally started (and immediately immersed). 👍

Ruthiella Excellent! 👍 4w
Cathythoughts Oh great 👍🏻😃 4w
batsy It just welcomes you right in, doesn't it? (much as that manor must have done to visitors!) 4w
MrsK Can‘t wait to read what you think 😊 4w
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Thalia | Frances Faviell
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It looks like the majority of the votes are in, #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub, so here are our next two reads!

And, as always, anyone else is welcome to join in and read along with us. 😊

@Ruthiella @Tamra @LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads @quietjenn @CarolynM @Cathythoughts @catebutler @Kimzey @Jess_Read_This @elkeOriginal @batsy @Sparklemn @MrsK @erzascarletbookgasm @jlhammar

Apologies if I missed anyone!

Tamra 👏🏾👏🏾 So excited 1mo
quietjenn Huzzah! 1mo
Ruthiella Thanks for tabulating! By my records, you tagged all 16 #FurrowedMiddlebrowClub readers. 👍 1mo
See All 20 Comments
MrsK Yeah!! 🥳 1mo
jlhammar Thank you! Looking forward to both of these! 1mo
elkeOriginal Hitting the ‘buy‘ button right now! 1mo
Jess_Read_This 💸 Thanks for tallying and organizing the voting. Looking forward to both reads! 1mo
rubyslippersreads Thanks for keeping us all organized. 😘 1mo
batsy Thank you! So excited for these 🥳 1mo
Sparklemn Excellent! 1mo
Sparklemn Excellent! 1mo
Kimzey Thanks for letting us know! 1mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I had to check a couple of times. 😆 1mo
CarolynM 👍 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm Excited! Thanks for announcing the winners! 1mo
Cathythoughts Thanks Leah 👍🏻❤️ 1mo
Cathythoughts …and ordered! 😁♥️ 4w
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Untitled | Anonymous
post image

I sent off my #FallingForFallSwap parcel today! 🍁🍁🍁


Avanders 👏🏽👏🏽🍁🍂🎃♥️ 1mo
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I haven‘t been posting much since I‘ve returned from my little holiday and I think it‘s because I‘m reading too many books at once. 😬

I‘m still reading Pat of Silver Bush and have these two other works of nonfiction on the go, which I bought in Montana.

Amusing bit about Blood on the Marias…

Setting: Lewis and Clark Museum bookshop.

Husband (in all seriousness): Hey, did you see this? You always love a massacre book
Me: Ooo!
Salesclerk: 😳

MicheleinPhilly 😂😂😂 1mo
TrishB 😯😂 love it 1mo
squirrelbrain 🤣🤣 1mo
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Bookwomble [As Leah takes things out of her bag to find her purse to pay the sales assistant, she absent-mindedly places her hatchet on the counter🪓] 1mo
DGRachel 😂🤣😂🤣 1mo
rubyslippersreads @Bookwomble Whenever @LeahBergen shops for a new purse, she has to make sure it‘s big enough for both a book and a hatchet. 🤣 1mo
Christine 🤣❤️ 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm 😆😂 Oh Leah! On a serious note, I looked up the other book, and I learnt something..”The greatest slaughter of Indians ever made by U.S. Troops.” 😢 1mo
UwannaPublishme 🤣🤣🤣 1mo
vivastory 😂 😂 1mo
batsy 😅😅 1mo
MaureenMc 😄 1mo
mabell 😆😆😆 1mo
tpixie 😂 1mo
tpixie @Bookwomble lol 😂 1mo
LeahBergen @Bookwomble 🤣🤣 1mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm I ALWAYS opt for the roomy bag. 😆 1mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm I know! So horrific and a part of history I‘d never heard or read about. 1mo
Cathythoughts That‘s brilliant! Love it 😂 1mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Yes, he knows me well but … 🤣 1mo
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Custer's Last Stand | Frank Humphris
post image

We‘ve been touring around with our travel trailer and dropped down from Canada into Montana.

I finally made it to the Little Bighorn Battlefield! I‘ve mostly been reading about the history of this event this week (and brought along my vintage Ladybird children‘s edition of the story, of course 😉).

Tamra I 💜 MT! Enjoy! 😊 2mo
Megabooks Cool!! 2mo
Centique Sounds like a great trip. I know nothing about Montana. I just imagine mountains! Anything else you‘ll see? 2mo
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Centique I love that your books want to go sightseeing too…. 😍 2mo
TrishB Sounds fab 😁 2mo
CarolynM Sounds like you‘re having a great time😁❤️ 2mo
batsy Your trip sounds fab! Enjoy 💕 2mo
andrew61 Enjoy yourself leah. 2mo
BarbaraBB Enjoy your travels!! 2mo
Leftcoastzen That blonde egomaniac got what he deserved! 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds great Leah , enjoy ❤️ 1mo
kspenmoll Enjoy your trip! 1mo
vivastory I hope you are well, Leah 💙 1mo
erzascarletbookgasm I hope you‘re having a wonderful time! ❤️ 1mo
UwannaPublishme How cool! I remember visiting this landmark when I was a kid. Thx for sharing! 1mo
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Godmersham Park | Gill Hornby
post image

I really enjoyed my recent read of Miss Austen so I went ahead and ordered Godmersham Park. I‘m so glad they stayed with the same “embroidered” cover design! The reverse of the book jacket looks like the back of a worked piece of embroidery, dangling threads and all.

This upstairs/downstairs novel tells the story of Anne Sharp, governess to Jane Austen‘s niece, Fanny. I‘m looking forward to it!

TheKidUpstairs Oh, those covers are gorgeous! 2mo
jlhammar Beautiful! 2mo
sprainedbrain 😍 2mo
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Gissy 😍Beautiful editions! 2mo
KristiAhlers My copy of Godmersham Park arrived the other day from London! It‘s so pretty. It‘s my next read! Let me know when you pick it up to read! 💜 2mo
catebutler I recently read Miss Austen and really enjoyed it too! And these editions!! So clever and absolutely beautiful front to back. 😍 2mo
Cathythoughts They are lovely Leah 💫 2mo
MaureenMc 😍 2mo
LeahBergen @Gissy Aren‘t they? 🥰 2mo
LeahBergen @KristiAhlers Awesome! I may not get to it soon but I‘ll let you know. 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @catebutler I know! They put in the extra work for these, didn‘t they? 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 2mo
LeahBergen @MaureenMc 😘😘 2mo
KristiAhlers @LeahBergen yeah I‘ve got several ahead of it myself. I just love reading ANYTHING Austen! 💜 2mo
DivineDiana These covers are beautiful! I love the idea of an embroidery motif! ❤️ 2mo
rubyslippersreads I‘m drooling. 🤣 2mo
Centique Those covers are gorgeous! 2mo
sisilia Gorgeous! 2mo
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Peter and Paul | SUSAN. SCARLETT
post image
Tamra 😆 No help required! 😍 2mo
batsy Sigh! You're not helping, Leah... *opens Book Depository tab* 😂 2mo
Ruthiella Lovely! 😍 2mo
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LeahBergen @Tamra You enabler. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy Ha! Yes, I thought I‘d maybe order one or two… oops. 2mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella Aren‘t they pretty? Sigh. 2mo
Cathythoughts These look great. Must investigate… 👍🏻😄 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I couldn‘t help myself. 😆 2mo
Centique So pretty though! 2mo
Centique @batsy 😂😂😂 I have the same reaction to most of Leah‘s posts! 2mo
CarolynM @Centique @batsy I‘ve just ordered a pile of DE Stevenson and Barbara Pym I do not need more temptations. You are the devil, Leah! 😆😘 2mo
LeahBergen @Centique So sorry! 🤣 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Do it. 😈 You know you want some. 😆 2mo
Tamra I don‘t want to miss the next selection! Will it be next month? My brain has been occupied elsewhere. 🤪 1mo
LeahBergen @Tamra So sorry! I‘m still travelling but yes … our next selection is for September. It‘s A House in the Country by Ruth Adam. @Ruthiella usually gives us the update on the first of the month. I‘m so glad you‘re able to join us again (are you finished with your coursework?). 1mo
Tamra @LeahBergen I hope you are enjoying your trip! 😃 Thank you for the reminder and yes, tomorrow is my deadline. Woot! I think I have that title on my Kindle. Maybe I was planning ahead? 🤓 (edited) 1mo
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My first #FurrowedMiddlebrow orders of the newly republished Susan Scarlett novels have arrived.

These covers, though! 💚💚

(Noel Streatfeild , author of the Shoes children‘s series, used the pseudonym of Susan Scarlett to publish these wartime romances).


DivineDiana They are gorgeous! ❤️ 2mo
UwannaPublishme 😍😍😍 2mo
batsy They've gone up a level for these covers! 😍💄 2mo
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LeahBergen @batsy That‘s what I thought, too! 2mo
Cathythoughts Fabulous! ♥️ 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I want Sally-Ann‘s green coat. 😆 2mo
Cathythoughts Oh I want Sally-Ann‘s green coat too 👍🏻 it‘s gorgeous 2mo
Cathythoughts I might have to borrow her waist line to go with it though 😂 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Not even a corset or a girdle would help me. 😆 2mo
Centique Oh my goodness! I did not know about Noel Streatfeild writing these. 🤯 2mo
LeahBergen @Centique She sort of “disowned” these later on as bits of fluff to read in bomb shelters and during blackouts. I dunno … that sounds good enough for me. 😆 2mo
writerlibrarian 💜😁 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm These are gorgeous!😍 1mo
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Pat of Silver Bush | L.M. Montgomery
post image

Currently reading for the #KindredSpiritsBuddyRead.

(And I‘m a bit surprised that I never got to this one as a kid).

batsy Cover love, as always! 😍 I, too, have yet to read this. 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy I like the hot pink of her dress against the yellow. 😆 2mo
BarbaraJean I do *not* picture Pat as a hot pink kinda gal. 😆 2mo
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merelybookish Gorgeous book. Will be interested to hear what you think. I found her pretty meh when I read her. 1mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish I really enjoyed it! I think this is probably due to the fact that I read two of LMM‘s earlier novels right before this and found them lacking her usual charm (Magic for Marigold and Kilmeny of the Orchard). 1mo
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Princes in the Land | Joanna Cannan
post image

This was a moving portrait of a woman‘s life, from her Edwardian childhood to middle age. She marries for love and has three perfect children but as she ages (and her family‘s imperfections show), she wonders if it was all worth it. I won‘t say much more, as I know the rest of the #PersephoneClub is still reading, but I thoroughly enjoyed the slow unfolding of Pat‘s life and the (at times) really witty writing.

Cathythoughts Great review Leah. I still havnt started, but it sounds really good. Your review will get me motivated now to start 👍🏻♥️ 2mo
Cathythoughts Lovely picture too. That‘s a lot of Persephones 😍 2mo
TrishB @Cathythoughts I was just thinking that! How fab are those shelves. 2mo
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BarbaraBB Those shelves… 🥰 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I‘m heading out of town on Friday for a couple of weeks so I wanted to have it done before I left! 😄 2mo
LeahBergen @TrishB @BarbaraBB Thanks, you two! 😆 2mo
CarolynM Great review. I got the book out yesterday, will start reading soon. Love your Persephone shelf😍 (edited) 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Thanks! It‘s getting a bit crowded. 😆 2mo
rubyslippersreads Glad you liked it. 😊 2mo
quietjenn Nice! Will try to start soon. Those shelves are something else! If you need to cull, I‘m sure we could help you out 😂 2mo
Sparklemn So jealous of the shelves! I haven't started the book yet but look forward to it based on your review. 😊 2mo
Ruthiella Sounds like one I‘d really enjoy! 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I really did! Thanks again for such a lovely prezzie. 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn Haha! Right? I get rid of a lot of books but I seem to hang on to my Persephones. 2mo
LeahBergen @Sparklemn I hope you like it, too! 🤞 2mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella I think it might be right up your street. 👍 2mo
batsy Persephones and green Viragos! I drool 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy The “certified good read” colours. 😆 2mo
catebutler I‘m about half way through, and truly enjoying it. I wish Persephone would publish more of her works, they seem hard to find! Great review, Leah! 2mo
LeahBergen @catebutler Thanks! And I wish they would, too. 2mo
rubyslippersreads @catebutler @LeahBergen Lots of her mysteries available, as well as her pony books, thanks to Jane Badger Books. 😊🐴 2mo
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It seems that I‘m on a Jane Austen biography kick (well, more specifically her friend, Martha Lloyd). I enjoyed reading Martha‘s household book and recipes so much that I feel like I want to know more about her.

Here goes!

Cathythoughts Beautiful cover 💫 2mo
BookBabe Sounds like a fun read, looking forward to your thoughts! 😃 2mo
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Princes in the Land | Joanna Cannan
post image

It‘s now August so that means it‘s time for one of our #PersephoneClub reads!

@rubyslippersreads ‘s pick for us this month is Princes in the Land by Joanna Cannan. This is a casual buddy read; read and comment on each other‘s posts and reviews as you see them. We usually aim to finish by the middle of the month but that‘s not written in stone. 😉 And anyone is welcome to read along with us, of course!

Cathythoughts Thanks Leah ! I might make a start this week . We‘ll see 👍🏻😁 2mo
rubyslippersreads I can‘t believe it‘s August already! 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I might, too. 👍 2mo
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quietjenn Thanks for the reminder to pull it off of the shelf! 2mo
Tamra Thank you for the invite! Sadly I‘m booked for the month. 😫 I‘d much rather be doing this reading! Please keep my in mind for the next installment. I‘ll be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😆 2mo
Sparklemn I've been looking forward to this one. 2mo
CarolynM Looking forward to it 2mo
sisilia Awww what a nice club. I took note of these titles and hopefully I can join a discussion soonish. I have no time for recreational reading this year 😵‍💫 so it‘s tough! 2mo
LeahBergen @sisilia So sorry for the late reply (I was travelling) but yes, please join us whenever you are available! 😘 1mo
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Martha Lloyd was Jane Austen‘s best friend and lived with her for many years at Chawton cottage (before her marriage to Jane‘s brother, Frank).

Martha took charge of the kitchen and her “Household Book” is her handwritten collection of recipes and remedies (including the white soup from Pride and Prejudice and Jane‘s favourite toasted cheese).

This Bodleian publication reproduces the entire Household Book in colour and it‘s FASCINATING.

Centique Ok that‘s definitely stacked! And it looks stunning too 😍 2mo
mabell Oh how cool! 2mo
rockpools Jane Austen was a fan of toasted cheese? For some reason that‘s made my day! 2mo
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rubyslippersreads I‘ve tasted white soup and wouldn‘t recommend it. 😏 2mo
LeahBergen @Centique It‘s super interesting! I‘ve always liked reading about the history of domestic life. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2mo
LeahBergen @mabell I think you‘d like it, too! 2mo
LeahBergen @rockpools It truly made mine, too! I love toasted cheese. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads The recipe does sound a bit 🤢. 2mo
Tamra Oh, amazing! 2mo
batsy @rockpools @LeahBergen Me too! This made my day 😆🍞🧀 2mo
LeahBergen @Tamra It‘s lovely! 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy @rockpools She‘s a gal after our own hearts. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @UwannaPublishme It‘s a really lovely book. 😊 2mo
BookBabe Sounds intriguing! 😃 2mo
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From one “summer title” to another (I loved the last one; The Growing Summer by Noel Streatfeild).

I have a bit of a backlog of Thirkell titles so I try to remember to read one or two a year. 😆

Cathythoughts Lovely pic. I like the golden coloured drink bringing out the book cover 👌🏻 (edited) 2mo
Cathythoughts Instagram pic 💫 2mo
Amiable That cover looks almost three-dimensional! It‘s mesmerizing. 2mo
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LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks! And it‘s white wine. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @Amiable It‘s pretty cool, isn‘t it? 2mo
CarolynM This was one of the first Thirkells I read, maybe even the very first. Enjoy! 2mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Thanks! It‘s starting out well with some very good Thirkell-ish humour. 👍 2mo
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The Growing Summer | Noel Streatfeild
post image

And now for a (seasonally appropriate) vintage children‘s read.

Four siblings are sent to Ireland to spend the summer with their slightly batty Great Aunt Dymphna while their parents are abroad. The house is enormous and their poetry-spouting great aunt expects them to fend for themselves. How‘s that for a setup?

I love Noel Streatfeild‘s books and the illustrations by Edward Ardizzone are just the icing on the cake. 👍

Centique Just gorgeous! 2mo
Vansa This looks so lovely. I adore Noel Streatfield books!! One of my favourite things about You've got mail is that she discusses her books in a scene! 2mo
SayersLover What a lovely edition! I enjoyed this one as well. @LeahBergen 2mo
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LeahBergen @Centique Thanks! And it‘s a lovely read so far, too. 😊 2mo
LeahBergen @Vansa Yes! I‘ve always loved that part of the movie. 😊 And this one is as delightful (so far) as all the other books I‘ve read of hers! 2mo
LeahBergen @SayersLover I‘m loving it! It‘s a bit bonkers and Great Aunt Dymphna is giving off Mary Poppins vibes (the darker Mary Poppins from the books, not the movie). 😆 2mo
Cathythoughts Sounds great 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
batsy I've had my eye on this! I feel like I should aim to be a Streatfeild completist 🙂 Beautiful edition 😍 2mo
batsy @Vansa That's pretty much why it's one of my favourite movies! 💕 2mo
Vansa @batsy 🙌🏾🙌🏾 2mo
sherri I don't know this one but I need it now. 2mo
mom2bugnbee Noel Streatfield's "Shoes" series was among my favorites growing up (I'm 50yo). I can't count the number of times I read those books. ♥ 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts The batty aunt lives in Cork. Do you know her? 😉😆😆 2mo
LeahBergen @batsy I think I‘m aiming that way myself right now. 😆 2mo
LeahBergen @sherri I‘m really enjoying it! 👍 2mo
LeahBergen @mom2bugnbee I love the Shoe books, as well. 😊 2mo
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Miss Austen | Gill Hornby
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I‘ve had this book on my TBR for ages and thought I‘d better read it before blindly ordering the author‘s next Austen era book. You know how that goes. 😆

Karons1 Enjoy ☺️ it‘s a lovely 🥰 simple tale 2mo
Cathythoughts Lovely looking book Leah 💜 2mo
jlhammar I didn't know about Godmersham Park yet. Might have to check that out once it's released. I really enjoyed Miss Austen. Great audiobook. I love the cover on yours. 2mo
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LeahBergen @Karons1 I really enjoyed it! ❤️ 2mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 2mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar I really enjoyed it! And just ordered Godmersham Park. 😆😆 2mo
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Pride and Prejudice | Jane Austen
post image

This is just the cutest little party loot bag EVER. 💗

Thanks so much, @CrowCAH , and congratulations on your big #200PnPCovers. I can‘t wait to celebrate 300 with you! 😆😆

CrowCAH You‘re very much super welcome!!! 😊 And don‘t you know it, I will reach that next hundred in about five years; stay tuned! 📚 2mo
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The English Air | D.E. Stevenson
post image

Published in the very early days of WW2, this novel isn‘t as light and jocular as the previous Stevenson books I‘ve read. I also found the section set in Germany a bit jarring in relation to the rest of the story but, all in all, it was easy to read and kept me turning the pages. I‘ll give it a pick but it‘s not going to stand out as one of my favourites by this author.


Ruthiella I think I liked it less than anyone in our group, but I‘ll still try some of her other titles like the Mrs Tim books! 😀 2mo
batsy Nice review! I'm so behind on this. Hopefully by next week. 2mo
batsy @Ruthiella I really want to read those, too! 2mo
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erzascarletbookgasm I‘m in part three 👌. 2mo
Cathythoughts Great review! I really enjoyed,but I‘m looking forward to your recommendations by this author too. That will be interesting 👍🏻❤️ 2mo
CarolynM Great review. Taken in context I thought there were some interesting insights as well as an entertaining story. I‘ve just started Mrs Tim @Ruthiella - it‘s amusing me greatly. 2mo
Jess_Read_This Nice review! I felt similarly even though it hooked me in right away. But I ended it feeling a bit let down. I‘m so glad we read it together as a group. It‘s been one of hers I had been wanting to read for some time. 2mo
Kimzey Thanks for the review. I haven‘t made it through yet, but may move on to our next furrowed middlebrow selection! 2mo
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post image

This bundle of little books arrived in the post for me today!

@shawnmooney did a bit of a library clear out before leaving Japan to move back to Canada and he kindly allowed me to adopt his collection of Faber Stories. Thanks so much again, Shawn! 😘😘😘

merelybookish These are gorgeous! Where to start?! 2mo
AmyG Fabulous! 2mo
Leftcoastzen How nice! 2mo
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Soubhiville Wow how cool! 2mo
shawnmooney 💖💖🕺🏼🕺🏼🥰🥰 2mo
CarolynM What a fabulous collection! Lucky you. Hope you enjoyed your holiday😘 2mo
batsy How lovely! 💕 2mo
Bookwomble Faber books look gorgeous; so inviting 😍📗 2mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish I know! 😮 2mo
rubyslippersreads I can‘t think of anyone better to entrust books to. 😊 2mo
Cathythoughts So lovely! ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
MicheleinPhilly They‘re SOOOO pretty! 😍 2mo
Centique They are glorious! 2mo
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The Harsh Voice | Rebecca West
post image

And OF COURSE I found a couple of green Viragos in my travels. I need to stop soon. 😆

Leftcoastzen ❤️📚🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎 3mo
EvieBee Nice! 2mo
Ruthiella Great finds! 👍 2mo
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batsy Nice! I've had that Sinclair on my TBR for awhile 💚 2mo
writerlibrarian Love them. Vintage books are ❤️ 2mo
rubyslippersreads @batsy I 💚 the cover! 2mo
Cathythoughts Nice !! 2mo
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A Dedicated Man, and Other Stories | Elizabeth Taylor, Joanna Kingham
post image

I‘m back from three weeks away and a good time was had by all until I contracted Covid at a wedding halfway through the holiday. 😆 I‘m pretty much back to normal but the celebrating with old friends and subsequent plague certainly cut down on my reading.

I‘ll bore you with a few of my bookish finds from the trip.

(Oh, and thanks to those of you who checked in on me during my mini-absence. 😘😘)

Jas16 So glad that you are feeling better. 3mo
sarahbarnes Glad for your trip despite the unfortunate onset of plague. 🙃 3mo
Leftcoastzen Glad you are feeling better, sorry you had to go through that! Lovely books! 3mo
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rockpools Glad you‘re doing better. And ooh, look, Leah books 😍 2mo
EvieBee Glad you‘re back! What lovely 💎 2mo
Ruthiella Love the old timey cover! Welcome back and I‘m glad you‘ve recovered! 😀 2mo
CarolynM Oh no! Hope it wasn‘t too bad and you‘re fully recovered soon💕 2mo
UwannaPublishme Glad you had fun in between the setback and glad you‘re feeling so much better. 🤗 2mo
batsy Lovely books! Sorry about the plague but I sure hope you're back to feeling yourself and totally recovered ❤️ (My sister and niece are visiting from the States and my other sister contracted Covid, derailing our fun times ... This virus is a real [redacted], isn't it? 🤬😆) 2mo
writerlibrarian Glad you are better. This virus,It's still around and not going away anytime soon. 😕 2mo
Cathythoughts Oh Leah , I hope you‘re ok. Covids not going anywhere soon it seems. You should have good immunity now , at least that‘s something 🙄👍🏻 take care friend 😘 2mo
Lindy Glad to hear you‘re feeling better. I‘m just now recovering from Covid too. It‘s a drag. 2mo
Centique I hope you‘re continuing to improve Leah. I had it 3 weeks ago and my gosh it has lingered and lingered! Worst house guest ever 🤪 2mo
Centique I am so impressed with the cover of A Dedicated Man! Such a snooty face 😍 2mo
Suet624 I‘m so sorry to hear you got sick. I‘m still wearing a mask at work and in public but I‘m quite sure it‘ll catch me at some point. 2mo
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Beginner's Guide to Murder | Rosalind Stopps
post image

My two current reads.

The third volume of the Neapolitan Quartet and a thriller about three 70-something women who step in to help a young girl in trouble.

jlhammar I just might have to order that Rosalind Stopps book! I hadn't heard of it before, but it sounds like the kind of mystery/thriller I might enjoy. 3mo
tpixie @jlhammar I agree 3mo
Centique Hi Leah hope you are well and maybe even having a nice holiday somewhere! 💕 3mo
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LeahBergen @Centique Hi Paula! I WAS having a nice holiday and just returned home last night! 😘 3mo
Centique @LeahBergen yay! Hope you feel relaxed and refreshed ☀️🍹 3mo
vivastory I hope you are doing well 🙂 3mo
LeahBergen @vivastory Hi, Scott! I am, thank you. Well, now that I‘m over the damn Covid that I contracted at a wedding right in the middle of my holiday! It finally got me. 🙄 3mo
vivastory No!! I'm so sorry to hear that 🙁🙁 I'm so glad to hear you came out okay. Was your vacation cut short? 3mo
LeahBergen @vivastory Well, luckily we had taken our camper trailer out to the wedding (on Vancouver Island) so we just kept to ourselves during the worst part of it and isolated. We had pretty mild symptoms for the most part and then wore N95s afterwards if we had to go out anywhere. Camping is pretty ideal for isolating. 😆 3mo
vivastory I'm happy to hear that you had a space to isolate safely & that your symptoms were mostly mild. Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation! 🍹 2mo
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Good Behaviour | Molly Keane
post image

My current read for our #NYRBBookClub. I‘m three chapters in and finding it quirky and compelling.

Sorry about all the rabbits here, @batsy . 😆😆

rabbitprincess I am here for all the rabbits 🥰🐰😂 3mo
LeahBergen @rabbitprincess I never would‘ve guessed. 😆 3mo
batsy Haha 😆 I have that edition too so I'm a bit nervous; those rabbits look like they're up to something! 🐇💀 (I'm really enjoying the book so far. It's weird and unsettling.) 3mo
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vivastory I'm nearly finished & I can't wait to discuss it this weekend! There's so much going on beneath the surface. 3mo
Centique It‘s beautiful! Although those are definitely naughty rabbits 😂😂 I‘m keen to hear what this is like - sounds promising. 3mo
Cathythoughts Loving the rabbits. 😂 3mo
shawnmooney I hope it works! Oh…what‘s that? It‘s not self-help, you say? Pity…. 😜😂🕺🏼 3mo
LeahBergen @shawnmooney You‘re bad. 😆😆 3mo
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Well, I finally remembered (when I was in between books) that I wanted to continue on with this series.

Why did I wait so long? I‘m about 100 pages in and right back in Naples with Elena and Lila. 👍

Crazeedi Loved this series 4mo
Leftcoastzen I need to get to the third book . 4mo
Ruthiella I loved these books too. 4mo
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EvieBee Nice! I promised myself I‘d finally start this series this summer. 4mo
Cathythoughts So good. ♥️ 4mo
batsy I very excitedly bought the whole series. Have I started? Nope. 🙈 But I'm glad to know I have something good waiting! 4mo
zezeki I finished this series couple of days ago, it's so good! 4mo
Tamra I believe I tried the first and put it down. So many have loved it that I think I need to give it another chances 4mo
jlhammar I love this quartet so much! Glad you're enjoying book 2. 4mo
LeahBergen @Crazeedi @Ruthiella @Cathythoughts @zezeki @jlhammar I‘m really enjoying it and have promised myself to read books 3 and 4 a lot sooner! 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen I‘m going to force myself to not wait so long again between books. 🙄 4mo
LeahBergen @EvieBee It would make a great summer reading project. 👍 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy 😆😆 Yes, I read the first and bought the other three and then… well, you know. 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra I remember finding the feel of the first one different to anything I‘d ever read before. Give it another whirl someday. 😊 4mo
MicheleinPhilly I read the first 3 all in a row 3 or 4 summers ago. I have no idea why I stopped but now I have to start all over again. 👵🏼 4mo
LeahBergen @MicheleinPhilly I was thinking I should watch the first season of the miniseries to refresh myself. You could watch the first 3 seasons before reading book 4. 😆 4mo
CarolynM I liked the first one, but not enough to go on to the second. I thought it would be more of the same. Maybe it‘s been long enough now that I‘m interested to try number 2… 4mo
Ruthiella @CarolynM It is more of the same. Really all four books make up one really long novel. I became totally invested in Lina and Lenu‘s lives. 4mo
janeycanuck That reminds me… it‘s been years since I read Book 3 and I still haven‘t picked up 4. 3mo
Suet624 Hmmm… made it they 2and now I can‘t remember why I stopped. 🥴🤷🏻‍♀️ 3mo
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post image

It‘s a good Monday mail day!

The tagged book is completely @Mitch ‘s fault. 😉

StayCurious That magazine looks interesting! 4mo
rabbitprincess Haha the guy on the book cover looks like he‘s staring at the couple on the magazine 👀 4mo
LeahBergen @StayCurious It‘s a favourite! I‘ve had a subscription for years. 😊 4mo
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LeahBergen @rabbitprincess Disapprovingly! 😆 4mo
batsy I love the way these covers look next to each other 😍 4mo
Cathythoughts Great covers together ! Yes I see disapproval too 😁 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy @Cathythoughts Thanks, you two! 😘😘 4mo
Mitch 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 4mo
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For Your Own Good | Samantha Downing
post image

A rainy Sunday afternoon with #JohnnyBergen and a (silly but compelling) thriller.

vivastory Johnny! 4mo
AmyG Awww ❤️ 4mo
Ruthiella Did you read it aloud to Johnny? He‘s seems very contemplative. 😆 4mo
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sarahbarnes 😍😍 4mo
Leftcoastzen So cute! 4mo
Cathythoughts What a perfect picture 🤍🤍🤍 (edited) 4mo
BarbaraBB Hi 👋🏽 Johnny 4mo
batsy So adorable 😍 4mo
DivineDiana Sweet Johnny. ❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @Ruthiella He doesn‘t like to hear about ANYTHING that‘s “for his own good”. 😉 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm What‘s up Johnny? Looking a wee bit sad 💖 4mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm He‘s just tired out from being bad. 😉 4mo
rubyslippersreads I ❤️ everything about this photo! 4mo
UwannaPublishme Awww! Perfect pose! 🐶❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads @UwannaPublishme He‘ll be three soon and STILL isn‘t a very good book model. 😆 4mo
Suet624 Three!! Wow! Time flies. 3mo
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Operation Heartbreak | Max Arthur, Duff Cooper
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Oh, this short novel (based on true events) hit me right in the “feels”!

It‘s the story of a career soldier, Willie Maryngton, who is devastated to be too young to fight in WW1 and too old for WW2. I shan‘t say anymore as it‘s best to go into this one completely blind but tell me what you thought of it, #PersephoneClub? I loved it!

PS: My Grandad‘s war medals. The 4th one is the Italy Star … and after reading the afterword? 😭

vivastory That's neat that you have your granddad's war medals. I have the flag that was raised over the capitol several years ago for my grandfather, a pow. 4mo
LeahBergen @vivastory Oh, how amazing is that? ❤️❤️ 4mo
andrew61 Lovely photo Leah, thanks or sharing the medals ,something to be very proud of. 4mo
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Cathythoughts Heartfelt review Leah X and your granddad ♥️♥️♥️. I must put up my review when I get home this evening. I loved it too 💔 4mo
EvieBee 😘 Thank you for sharing. ❤️❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @andrew61 Thanks, Andrew! 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts Thanks, Cathy! 😘 Off to read your review now… 4mo
LeahBergen @EvieBee 😘😘 4mo
elkeOriginal I love the medals - SO cool you have those! 4mo
quietjenn Really cool that you have those medals. Thanks for sharing! Y'all are making me very excited for this one, so I'm hoping to read it this weekend. 4mo
CarolynM I enjoyed it very much. I‘m also glad I didn‘t know what to expect 😮🤫 4mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal Thanks! 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @quietjenn Thanks! 😘😘 4mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM Exactly! It made it so much more powerful. 4mo
Sparklemn Great pick for #persephoneclub. So glad I could join you for the read! I‘ll post my review shortly. 4mo
BiblioLitten 💕 3mo
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Magic for Marigold | L.M. Montgomery
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I‘m off to a bit of a late start for this month‘s #KindredSpiritsBuddyRead! Which oldie edition should I read? 🤔

jlhammar Love those! Too hard to decide. 4mo
Avanders Left 😁 4mo
CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian I like the right one! 4mo
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merelybookish Oh I'm so jealous! 😆 4mo
mabell Right! Or Both! 😆 4mo
quietjenn They're both quite lovely 😍 4mo
batsy Both are beautiful! But I might be slightly partial to the one on the right 😍 4mo
BarbaraJean Another vote for the one on the right. 😊 (Also, I haven‘t started reading yet…shhh…) 4mo
LeahBergen @jlhammar @Avanders @CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian @merelybookish @mabell @quietjenn @batsy @BarbaraJean Thanks, everyone! I‘m a bit fonder of the one on the right but I‘ll read a bit from both so I don‘t leave one out. 😆😆 4mo
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Hmm… I just noticed the mountains on both of my current reads‘ covers. 😆

BkClubCare Hmmmm 🗻🏔 4mo
Cathythoughts I wonder what the significance is 🤔❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @BkClubCare @Cathythoughts Perhaps I need a trip to the mountains? 😆 4mo
Suet624 The mountains are always a good place to visit. 😂 3mo
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It‘s the Queen‘s Platinum Jubilee weekend!

Seeing as this is Litsy, I‘ll celebrate by showing off my Jubilee bookmarks. 😆😆

Silver (1977), Golden (2002), Diamond (2012), and Platinum (2022).

vivastory Impressive! 4mo
KristiAhlers Bookmark envy!!! 4mo
andrew61 Lovely bookmarks. 4mo
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BookNAround Super bookmark envy! 4mo
Amiable Long live the Queen —and those fabulous bookmarks! 👸🏻 4mo
DivineDiana How spectacular! ❤️ 4mo
LeslieO Lovely! 💖 4mo
quietjenn What a neat collection 🙂 4mo
TheSpineView Love!❤️🔖 4mo
BiblioLitten Wow! 🤩👸🏻 4mo
julesG 😍 Great collection 4mo
squirrelbrain Lovely! ❤️ 4mo
Gissy 😍❤️❤️❤️Beautiful! 4mo
youneverarrived 😍😍 4mo
MaureenMc 🥰 4mo
rubyslippersreads Gorgeous! 👑 4mo
LeahBergen @BookNAround @KristiAhlers It made me laugh that others get “bookmark envy”, too. 🤣 4mo
UwannaPublishme Wow! 😍🙌🏻 4mo
tpixie Beautiful 🤩 4mo
LeahBergen @tpixie Thanks! 😘 4mo
ValerieAndBooks So cool!! 4mo
LeahBergen @ValerieAndBooks Thanks! 😘 4mo
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Operation Heartbreak | Max Arthur, Duff Cooper
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It‘s now June so that means it‘s time for one of our #PersephoneClub reads!

@CarolynM ‘s pick for us this month is Operation Heartbreak by Duff Cooper. This is a casual buddy read; read and comment on each other‘s posts and reviews as you see them. We usually aim to finish by the middle of the month but that‘s not written in stone. 😉 And anyone is welcome to read along with us, of course!

willaful Is Persephone similar to Virago? I'd like to join in but I don't think I can get ahold of the book. :-( 4mo
Tamra I‘m going to sit this one out, but thank you Leah for tagging me! 🤗 4mo
LeahBergen @willaful They‘re quite similar! Persephone publishes forgotten works of the mid-20th century (primarily) by women (primarily). 😆 I know some Persephones are available as e-books so join us if you can! 4mo
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LeahBergen @Tamra No problem! 😘 4mo
willaful I'm so happy that Litsy has people who enjoy reading these older books. I never found such like-minded people at GoodReads. 4mo
LeahBergen @willaful I know! It‘s great. 😊 4mo
CarolynM Looking forward to getting started🙂 4mo
Cathythoughts Thanks Leah ! Ive made a little start and it‘s going to be hard to put down , loving it 👍🏻❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @CarolynM It‘s off the shelf and sitting on my desk now. 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts That‘s what I was thinking, too, so I‘m waiting to start it after I‘ve finished a bit more of the other books I have on the go! 😆 4mo
elkeOriginal Life is too busy right now so I too am sitting this one out. I look forward to your posts though in case it turns out to be one I need to read! 4mo
LeahBergen @elkeOriginal No problem! 😘 4mo
Sparklemn I ordered several books from Persephone a few weeks ago but am still waiting on this one. So excited to get started! 4mo
LeahBergen @Sparklemn I love a good Persephone order! I hope they arrive soon. 🤞 4mo
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A new addition to my children‘s shelves. ❤️

@Jess_Read_This , it has arrived! Thanks for giving me the “heads up” and letting me know this copy was available to buy. 😘😘

Leftcoastzen Cool! 4mo
rockpools 💖 Severe shelf envy here. Gorgeous! 4mo
TrishB Lovely ♥️ 4mo
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LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen @TrishB Thanks! I‘ll be saving it (obviously) for a Christmas read. 😊 4mo
LeahBergen @rockpools Aww, thank you! 😘😘 4mo
batsy That looks delightful! 4mo
Cathythoughts Lovely 🥰 4mo
Jess_Read_This Oh Leah! It‘s absolutely lovely!! I‘m so glad you were able to get it! ❤️☃️ 4mo
Amiable I always love the artwork on the antique children‘s books—it evokes such emotions of nostalgia. Even though I never read the book and it‘s actually older than I am! 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy It will be my first read by this author. 👍 4mo
LeahBergen @Jess_Read_This All thanks to you! 😘 4mo
LeahBergen @Amiable That‘s me, too! 😆 4mo
willaful Oh, how pretty! 4mo
LeahBergen @willaful Thank you! 😊 4mo
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True Story | Kate Reed Petty
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I randomly grabbed this one off the shelves this afternoon and suddenly found myself on page 140. 😆

Thanks again for this lovely gift, @erzascarletbookgasm ! 😘

BarbaraBB I enjoyed this one so much! Just go with the ride! 4mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB agreed! I‘ve even read this twice. 4mo
TrishB I enjoyed this one too 👍🏻 4mo
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Cathythoughts Sounds good 👍🏻 4mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB @Megabooks @TrishB @Cathythoughts It was so compelling that I started and finished it today! 😆😆 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Glad to know it‘s so absorbing! 👍 4mo
youneverarrived Love when that happens 💕 4mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm I burned through it and really enjoyed it! 👏👏 4mo
LeahBergen @youneverarrived So do I! 😆 4mo
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Jummy at the River School | Sabine Adeyinka
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This is a really sweet little story about an eleven-year-old who wins a place at an elite Nigerian boarding school. Jummy is sad that her less fortunate best friend, Caro, won‘t be attending with her and is surprised when she DOES show up at the school … but as a maid.

The author based this novel on her own experiences at a similar boarding school in 1990s Nigeria.

TrishB Lovely pic ❤️ 4mo
Tamra Awesome cover art! 4mo
Cathythoughts Yes, lovely cover 👌🏻 4mo
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LeahBergen @TrishB @Tamra @Cathythoughts It‘s great, isn‘t it? I was thinking that it should really pull in some young readers. 🤞 4mo
rubyslippersreads ❤️ those boarding school stories! 4mo
Centique Your pencils MATCH! I‘m so impressed 😍 4mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I think you‘ll like this one! 4mo
LeahBergen @Centique 😆😆 4mo
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The Spinning Heart | Donal Ryan
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@Cathythoughts , your post about another novel by this author reminded me that I still had this gift from you on my shelves!

I‘m only two chapters in and but already loving it (especially the Irish terminology and slang 😆).
Thanks again, my friend! 😘😘

Tamra Stacked! 😄 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra It‘s so good. Each chapter is told by a different person from the village. 👍 4mo
Cathythoughts Oh good. I thought it was a very good book. I hope you enjoy the rest of it 👍🏻♥️ 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I REALLY enjoyed it! 👏👏 Thanks so much. 😘😘 4mo
Cathythoughts I‘m so glad. I remember enjoying it too 😘 4mo
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Jennifer promised her dying mother that she‘d never leave her father and has spent twelve years as his unpaid secretary and housekeeper. When her father suddenly shows up one day at tea time with a new wife (who‘s younger than Jennifer), she decides she must grab this opportunity to make a life of her own.

I‘m loving this 1931 #SpinsterLit novel (and von Arnim is rapidly becoming one of my new favourite authors)!


Leftcoastzen Love the cover! 4mo
elkeOriginal Love these editions and love a good spinster. Stacked! 4mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen I‘m always pretty impressed by these editions. 👍 4mo
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LeahBergen @elkeOriginal You can‘t beat a good spinster story. 😆 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm These editions are just lovely! 4mo
Cathythoughts Sounds like a good one 👍🏻❤️ 4mo
LeahBergen @erzascarletbookgasm They are! I‘m so glad they decided to publish this series. 4mo
LeahBergen @Cathythoughts I‘m enjoying it! 👍 4mo
batsy Did someone say spinster?! 😆 This sounds great. 4mo
Tamra Such a fabulous cover 😍 4mo
LeahBergen @batsy I was waiting for your comment. 🤣 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra It is! 4mo
batsy @LeahBergen 😂😂 4mo
kspenmoll Now I must read this! Happy Litsyversary ! 4mo
LeahBergen @kspenmoll Thank you! And I‘m really enjoying this one. 👍 4mo
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Basic Black with Pearls | Helen Weinzweig
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Oh dear. I really enjoyed the first 40 pages or so and then I started to actively loathe this book. 😆😆 I hate-read the rest of it and found Sarah Weinman‘s afterword the best part of the reading experience for me.

It could be the headspace I‘m in today or maybe not. I can‘t wait for the discussion and hope some of you prove me wrong!


Suet624 I can‘t remember you ever panning a book before! 4mo
Tamra You had the wherewithal to finish! That‘s hard to do. 😬 4mo
AmyG Yikes. 😬 4mo
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LeahBergen @Suet624 Probably because I would bail on it first! 😆 The shortness of this novel and the fact that it‘s an #NYRBBookClub pick made me finish. 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @Tamra It was quite short (and I admit to some speed reading going on in the latter half). 😆 4mo
LeahBergen @AmyG I always feel guilty when I “pan” a book. 😆 4mo
BarbaraBB I love your review, you‘re not often that outspokenly negative. That will add to the discussion 💛 4mo
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB Haha, I know! I always find it hard to “pan” a book. But sometimes… 🤷🏻‍♀️ 4mo
sisilia I didn‘t like this, either 😬 2mo
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