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Popular Crime
Popular Crime: Reflections on the Celebration of Violence | Bill James
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Presents a cultural analysis of sensational crime in America that profiles such infamous cases as the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the Black Dahlia murder, and O.J. Simpson's trial to offer insight into topics ranging from evidence practices to radicalism.
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All the books I'm currently halfway through or are imminently TBR. Also, a stack of coloring books. My book interests are all over the place right now. This little shelf is constantly being rotated. Finally got tired of tripping over piles of books so I replaced my nightstand with this shelf!

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It is always important to read opinions that differ from yours so I will finish this book. But the inherent dislike and distrust of attorneys and the belief that the Supreme Court is the root of all our criminal justice issues not systemic racism or inadequate mental health treatment is incredibly frustrating. Otherwise a completely adequate digest of popular American crime.


I don't think I'd get along with Mr. James in the political sense, and his folksy asides are more grating than amusing, but I'm glad SOMEONE understands my need to obsessively catalogue and classify the very many horrible things that humans can do.

OutlandishLit Hey friend 3y
WordWaller M&Q booksellers unite! 3y
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I have been watching a lot of these specials about the JonBenet murder lately and checked this ebook out specifically to read more about the case but this author is just ticking me off the way he is ripping apart another book written about the case rather than just presenting the information. I probably won't go back and read the rest of this book.

MyNamesParadise The CBS documentary that concluded last night that it makes the most sense with the evidence and behavioral analysis that Burke did it and then John and Patsy covered it up. 3y
Em890 @MyNamesParadise that's my theory too. But I am also 90% sure that there is something wrong with Burke developmentally. I watched some clips of his interview with Dr. Phil and he was acting the same as he was in the older interviews. He kind of freaked me out a little tbh. 3y
MyNamesParadise @Em890 however they couldn't necessarily agree on whether he had the intent to kill because of his age of 9. In Colorado the youngest you can be charged with murder is 10, so if they had been honest from the get go he wouldn't have served time for it. And they've prob said so many times am intruder did it that they believe it now. His frontal cortex prob isn't fully developed- that deals with impulse control. He was jealous of JonBenet 3y
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MyNamesParadise @Em890 also when JonBenet was 4, Burke had hit her over the head with a golf club but obviously she survived that so it makes you wonder if he just wanted to hurt her or kill her. However, the coverup, lies & global attention makes hard to care if Burke intended to kill her or not. 3y
MyNamesParadise @Em890 on the CBS special even family friends were like "yeah I could see Burke killing JonBenet". My reaction was like "dang!" 3y
Em890 @MyNamesParadise I know. Whereas them covering it up risked them spending time in jail. Though judging by the way the DA handled the case, they wouldn't have had any jail time. 3y
Em890 @MyNamesParadise well that one woman said he had hit her in the face with a golf club a few months before. 3y
MyNamesParadise @Em890 it just saddens me that JonBenet will never receive justice, but perhaps it has in a way since the Ramseys will be forever vilified in the public eye. John is 72 now and well Burke could hurt someone else (while terrible, in a way it would be "confirmation" of what her did to JonBenet). Ramseys had money, they could've easily paid off the DA 3y
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