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Tea Witchery
Tea Witchery: Magical Sleep Grimoire with 33 Delicious, Easy, Sleep-Inducing Recipes | Morag Balfour
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Indulge your spirit in the ancient art of tea witchery.These tea rituals, using the healing magic of nature, herbs, plants, milks, and essential oils will slow down your mind and help you drift into sleep.There is space within to develop your own grimoire, tapping into the magic, imagination, and wisdom within you to manifest the sleep and life you want.Create delicious potions and be inspired by the stories of witches' past and present.Delightful illustrations will make you smile as the dark history of healing is explored.Let magic into your life and watch Tea Witchery improve your sleep.
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Thank you so much!! I love everything.
I'm so excited for the witchy tea books and I love the Aquarius Journal! I can't wait to sort through all the stickers and find things to put them on!
Happy Halloween and have a wonderful witchy day!
#BWS #BasicWitchSwap

TheBookHippie Oh yay!!! I‘m so glad!!! It was so much fun shopping for you!!! Enjoy! 3mo
sprainedbrain Lovely! 🖤 3mo
Alora Loooove all of those stickers!!! I'm obsessed and collect stickers 😍 3mo
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OndinetheSea @TheBookHippie I've already read through the Tea Witchery book, I'm very excited to try some of the teas in it! And the tea you got me is perfect! It has Bergamot, which I absolutely love, and it smells so good. I can't wait to start my day with it in the morning 😊 3mo
OndinetheSea @Alora same here, i hoard stickers 😅 and they're all so pretty 3mo
TheBookHippie @OndinetheSea ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ 3mo
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