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Letters to the Lost | Brigid Kemmerer
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Let‘s talk about all of the books we read in October! You can see my wrap up video here: https://youtu.be/mqhepfd6TW0

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EadieB When Laurel Mack's daughter, Ellie, disappears, Laurel's family and life falls apart. 10 years have past and Laurel has decided to move on. She meets a man who has a daughter named Poppy who reminds Laurel of Ellie which gives Laurel a lot of unanswered questions once more. This book kept me hooked from the very beginning. The story is told with 4 POV and just when you think that you have figured out what happened to Ellie, Lisa Jewell throws out 1mo
EadieB some twists and the doubts begin. It is a very emotional and heart wrenching read. This was my first Lisa Jewell book but won't be my last.

@Butterflyamore I read this in July 2018 so can't remember everything. I gave it 4 stars so I'm thinking you need to read the ending. Looks like there is a big twist here.

I need to read The Heart Shape Box after your review.

I feel the same way about Naomi Novicki. Not too interested in her books.
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EadieB I have Uprooted but after reading Spinning Silver not too excited to read it.

You also made me want to read The Better Liar, When She Returned and books by Mark Edwards.

By the way, your makeup looks so good today. You look so pretty on the video!
EadieB Just noticed that I have these books that Mark Edwards has written with Louise Voss:
DI Patrick Lennon (with Louise Voss)
1. From the Cradle (2014)
2. The Blissfully Dead (2015)
One Shot (2016)

Very good series.
Butterflyamore @EadieB Thank you! 1mo
Butterflyamore @EadieB I hadn‘t meant to hit post yet. Maybe I‘ll try to finish Then She Was Gone. I was over 50% into it and the supposed twists revelations I did encounter had been ones I thought were very obvious and it made it really hard for me to enjoy the book. But if there is really a jaw dropper at the end of the book, that might change my opinion. 1mo
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