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Katerina | James Frey
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I can't find anything to recommend this book. I didn't like the writing, the story or the main character! I think it's a memoir.....about a shallow, sex obsessed young would-be writer.....I did however very much enjoy the comments from my other postal markup team members @thegreensofa @LapReader @CarolynM and I feel like we need to get together for coffee/wine to complete our literary review in person😂❤️ #LMPBC #GroupZ #ozgroup

LapReader I was thinking an Australian Litsy meet up would be fun. 1mo
Freespirit A trip to Melbourne would be fun😍 @LapReader (edited) 1mo
LapReader I‘ve always wanted to go to the Writer‘s Festival there. 1mo
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CarolynM I would love to catch up with you @Freespirit @lapreader let me know if you're coming to Melbourne. 😘😘 1mo
Freespirit I will definitely do that @CarolynM 🤗 1mo
thegreensofa I agree, this book was nuts! I hated it too, but I am really looking forward to getting it back and reading everyone‘s comments in it ☺️. Much wine 🍷 will be needed @Freespirit if we talk about it at a meetup! 😂. So embarrassed that I picked it! But yes count me in too :) 🙋🏼‍♀️💚💚 1mo
Freespirit Hi @thegreensofa I have picked some horrors over the years..it‘s good to read the occasional dud just so the others shine. We should plan a get together some day😍 1mo
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