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Television Man | David Swerdlow
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Me & @Readergrrl need at least 1 more person to join us on our quest to see if The Book Was Better, pictured are some I had on my TBR that stood out to me - no genre preference, just anything with an adaptation. #lmpbc

5feet.of.fury Details and sign up here: bit.ly/3wioA8a 2d
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It looks like we have a good turnout for Round 20 of #LMPBC. This is the final round, so get in while you can.

Details and sign up here: bit.ly/3wioA8a

Hopefully you‘ve been discussing what books you want to read with your team members. Remember to start annotating your book in March so you can mail it to the next person by March 31st.

Happy reading, y‘all!

One Man's Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey | Sam Keith, Richard L. Proenneke
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Christine, thank you for the hot chocolate! I love raspberry 😋

Jill - I‘ll try to get the tagged to you by early next week.


Bookwormjillk Thanks, no rush! 2d
TheBookHippie Sorry so late!!! 😵‍💫 I‘m so glad you like raspberry!! I love it too! 2d
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One last round of #LMPBC ! One last round of retellings! Fairy tales, classics, mythology, doesn‘t matter.

Join me in #GroupR for the last round of one of the coolest things on Litsy! Many many thanks to @suvata again for putting together such an amazing experience.


The Last Word: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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Hey friends, here are a few options... I have roughly half a million more, so if none of these suit, I'll post another batch 😂 Let me know what you think!! #LMPBC
@Jerdencon @robinb @bookandbedandtea

bookandbedandtea I've read The Writing Retreat but the others sound good. 4d
Jerdencon All sound good - but if I had to pick one I‘d say I have some questions for you. (edited) 4d
robinb I am good with any of these! 👍 Do you have a preference, Sarah? 4d
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TheAromaofBooks I say let's go with I Have Some Questions for You, since @Jerdencon is the only one who expressed a preference 😂 These are ALL on my TBR, so I'm excited to tackle any of them!! @robinb @bookandbedandtea 4d
TheAromaofBooks @Jerdencon @robinb @bookandbedandtea - Okay, so I have us down for Paula - Murder on the Tracks; Robin - The Recovery Agent; and Denise - Fragile. Does that sound right? Also, do we want to mail in the order we signed up this time (Sarah>Paula>Denise>Robin) or the our original order (Sarah>Paula>Robin>Denise)? 4d
bookandbedandtea Our books all sound good. I vote for mailing in our original order. 3d
Jerdencon Looks good! I‘m good with the original order too. 3d
robinb Original order works for me! 👍 3d
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It's on its way home to you, @robinb 😊
@TheAromaofBooks @Jerdencon
I'm a little sad my first #LMPBC is over. Looking forward to the next one with you ladies!

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! It's been a fun round with some good books!! 4d
robinb Thank you! 4d
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The Recipe Club: A Tale of Food and Friendship | Andrea Israel, Nancy Garfinkel
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Bookwormjillk The title Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger made me lol. That or Jo & Laurie get my vote. I haven't read any though so they're all good by me. 5d
TheBookHippie @Bookwormjillk right?! I bought it in East Nashville at a little indie bookstore. Local author. 5d
bookandbedandtea I've read The Recipe Club. All of the others sound good to me. 😊 5d
ElizaMarie I haven't read any! Y'all have way different TBRs than me, so this is gonna be fun! 4d
Bookwormjillk Fun!! 3d
bookandbedandtea Sounds great! @ElizaMarie I noticed too that we all offered very different books. I'm kind of excited to read things I would have overlooked otherwise! 3d
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#LMPBC #GroupM

Did we do it?? What do you think?

Looks like we have some great reads coming up!

Laughterhp A great group of books!! 5d
KateReadsYA Woohoooo yes :) I cannot wait! 5d
Catsandbooks Yay! I'm very excited! 💖 5d
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KateReadsYA @Laughterhp @Catsandbooks what color will yall be for annotations? @Meshell1313 is orange and I am blue 5d
Laughterhp @KateReadsYA I usually pick up whatever pen is around, but I can do green. 5d
Catsandbooks @KateReadsYA I'll be purple 💜 5d
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Untitled | Unknown
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#LMPBC Round 20 - Group G is for gothic horror

@KateReadsYA @suvata @jackobotts @JamieArc

Here we go …

KateReadsYA Ohhhh yes I am so excited for these reads :) 5d
suvata @KateReadsYA I am too. It looks like a great selection of books. 5d
JamieArc This is going to be a great 4 months of reading! 5d
JackOBotts Love it! So looking forward to this! 🙌🏼 5d
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A Far Wilder Magic | Allison Saft
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Here are some fantasy books off my TBR. Let me know if any of these appeal to you or I can do another closer look at my shelves.

#LMPBC #GroupM #Round20

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KateReadsYA I vote the Bone Shard Daughter ☺️ 6d
Catsandbooks My vote is Emily Wilde or bone shard daughter, but I'll read any! 6d
Meshell1313 Ooh another fantastic list to pull from! Bone shard daughter has been on my TBR forever so I would also love that one! But again they all sound great! 5d
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