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This was a fun read, although a bit old for my daughter (subject, not ability).

Friday is an unusual child in an unusual family. She takes up solving crime, which earns her reward money, which finances boarding school, which turns out to be full of mystery. Looking forward to the next one (darn cliffhanger).

Tamra What age range would you suggest? Are there illustrations? 2mo
ravenlee @Tamra there are some illustrations but not many. I‘d go with age 10-12 or so. MC is 11 and going to boarding school for seventh grade. There‘s a bit of crush stuff, blooming awareness of class difference and clothing reflecting that. Not inappropriate for my 6-year-old but I don‘t think she‘d get into it. 2mo
Tamra @ravenlee thank you - I‘ll check out a library copy to peruse. 2mo
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The Kingdom of Copper | S. A. Chakraborty
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This fantasy series is a lot of fun with such complex, interesting characters. Admittedly, it took me a little longer to get sucked into this one than it did for The City of Brass, but once I was hooked, the story didn't let go. I'm looking forward to the final installment which is due out in a few months. #fantasy #magic #trilogy #strongfemalecharacters #bookmap

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“The lyrical prose written by author Diane Stanley, and the winsome, cartoon-like illustrations that utilize gouache by illustrator Jessie Hartland, work together to draw readers into the true story of how Ada Lovelace‘s ingenuity led her to experiment with her hobbies and surroundings in England, culminating in her work and eventual distinction as the world‘s first computer programmer.” https://wowlit.org/on-line-publications/review/xi-4/3/

Basket Ball | Esm Raji Codell
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Cute idea, mediocre execution. The boys won‘t let Lulu join the basketball team because she‘s a girl, so she creates her own team of teamless girls from around the world. The rhyme is really forced in this one, and the art is okay. It isn‘t bad - it could just be much better.

I posted a picture of my favorite page.

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Help me name our new addition: Kya or Dany? #strongfemalecharacters #spunk #literarypets

Butterflyamore Kya! ❤️ 7mo
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Found at today‘s book sale:

Okay, this one might be a bit obscure if you‘re not Canadian but I was thrilled to find this first edition of the author‘s second book. Where are my French-Canadian lit lovers? 😉

Leftcoastzen Looks interesting! So great to find a first in pretty good shape! 9mo
batsy And such a charming cover! (sorry to be comment spamming you, but your book finds today have me very excited 😂) 9mo
merelybookish Beautiful! I found one of her books recently. (Street of Riches.) A US first edition. 9mo
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Cathythoughts Yes o agree with @batsy a charming cover 👍🏻♥️ 9mo
llwheeler Great find! 9mo
Lindy This is one we studied in high school Langue et Literature class. 💕 9mo
Reviewsbylola I gotta say, the title doesn‘t excite me. 😆 Adorable book tho! 9mo
LeahBergen @Leftcoastzen It‘s always a treat, isn‘t it? 9mo
LeahBergen @batsy Hey, I just “book sale spammed” you so I think we‘re even. 😉 9mo
LeahBergen @merelybookish Ohhh, nice! 👍🏻 9mo
LeahBergen @Lindy I prefer the French title. 9mo
LeahBergen @Reviewsbylola Right?? That title! 😆 It IS better in French (see above). (edited) 9mo
Chrissyreadit I don‘t know why I did not think of this- but can you recommend any good French Canadian books that come in French and English? Or Younger book? My daughter is studying French and loves it. She is reading Candide now (French and English side by side). I hope to visit Canada this year so she can be immersed in French for a few days. 9mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit Oh, let me think on that! How old is she? And what‘s her (usual) favourite genre? 9mo
Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen she will be 17 in July. She loves pretty diverse stuff. From Shakespeare to Eleanor and Park and Little Women, she‘s enjoying Candide. And Then There Were None was a favorite too. 9mo
Chrissyreadit She said Homegoing was a favorite too. I think she would like a lot of books you typically post about. 9mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit She might like this author‘s first book which is a Canadian classic 9mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit Or this one (which I haven‘t read yet but seems a bit dark and twisted 😆) (edited) 9mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit Or this one (which I‘ve been meaning to read) 9mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit Oh! And there are fantastic graphic novels coming out of Quebec. She might find some of those fun to learn French with. 9mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit Let me ask some of the Francophone Litsy experts here! 😆 @CouronneDhiver @tournevis @writerlibrarian Do you have any good recommendations for a literary teen learning French? Please see above 👆🏻 (edited) 9mo
LeahBergen @writerlibrarian Thank you! I totally forgot about 9mo
Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen @writerlibrarian thank you so much! I will share your suggestions with her. Do you know easiest place to order books in French? 9mo
writerlibrarian Leslibraires.ca you will pay way too much through Amazon or renaudbray.ca you can choose whichever indépendant book store you want through leslibraires.ca if you want suggestions let me know. @Chrissyreadit (edited) 9mo
writerlibrarian @Chrissyreadit I just thought of another author Kim Thuy she is amazing 9mo
RaimeyGallant *slinks away because I haven't read a French Canadian author since high school* 8mo
Lindy @Chrissyreadit It sounds like your daughter enjoys being challenged. Good for her! I second @writerlibrarian suggestion of anything by Kim Thuy. Other slim novels published in both languages include Little Beast (Julie Demers); Kuessipan (Naomi Fontaine) and 8mo
Lindy @Chrissyreadit And one of my very favourite Québécois novels: 8mo
Chrissyreadit @RaimeyGallant 🤣🤣🤣 8mo
Chrissyreadit @Lindy thanks!!! You are all amazing. Now to figure out how to order the books in French, not English. 8mo
LeahBergen @Lindy I should‘ve tagged you, too, for this! Thanks. 😘 8mo
LeahBergen @RaimeyGallant Right?? 🤫 8mo
Chrissyreadit @writerlibrarian I‘m going to show her the library link you shared. Can anyone use it? I think getting a book she can mark up to support translation and studying might be easier- but I‘m also figuring this out. Pretty excited in a geeky way. I promised her a trip to Quebec too. 8mo
LeahBergen @Chrissyreadit Check out amazon.ca and chapters.indigo.ca to start. 8mo
Chrissyreadit @LeahBergen thank you!!! 8mo
writerlibrarian @Chrissyreadit yes you can use the links. 🙂 8mo
writerlibrarian @Chrissyreadit yes you an use both links they ship the books through the mail. 🙂 8mo
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Well this is potentially something that I could be very excited about because I loved the Friday Barnes series 😂 I‘m nowhere near the target age demographic but sometimes that doesn‘t matter ☺️😂 no one makes me laugh like R.A. Spratt!

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On the drive into work today we got pulled over and my husband got a ticket. His 12 year streak of no tickets gone and $165 down the drain. 😩

Hopefully you had a better morning than us.
Happy Friday everyone!

JenlovesJT47 😪 1y
Andrew65 Oh no! 😔 1y
hermyknee ☹️😔 1y
MinDea ☹️ That stinks. We got a ticket last night. We apparently paid at the wrong station when we parked. 🙄🤦 1y
That-Bookish-Hiker @MinDea oh no! That sucks. They should have just let it go since you did pay. 1y
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#ReadingResolutions Day 24: Couldn‘t be happier with #FemaleAuthor(s) and Illustrators teaming up to write picturebook biographies of notable female scientists/ mathematicians to inspire young readers, male and female alike.


I read this with my 5 and 7 year old daughters last night. It was super cute! I had told them we only had time for a couple of chapters, but I had to keep reading and find out more about the crocodile's shenanigans!