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The Glass Castle: A Memoir | Jeannette Walls
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The Glass Castle Summary
Pages 155-288

In these next sections in Welch, we learnt that Jeannette and her family have finally found her own home in Welch instead of living with her Dads parents. We learn basically the house that they are living in is not really a house at all, it‘s basically shambles as the roof leaks when it rains, animals get in the house, there front steps are falling apart and so on. One of the incidents that happens in the

Rachel_Penner house is a rat is seen in the kitchen then eventually in Maureen‘s bed scaring her very badly therefore from then on Maureen is so scared she finds refuge from the neighbours and her friends. From the very beginning we also learn Jeannette and her family have been receiving much hate and they have been getting bullied especially from a kid named Ernie and his gang. We know she and Brian, her brother, have taken on many fights with the gang, and 3mo
Rachel_Penner once won. Along with those hardships we know Jeannette‘s Dad has been leaving lots recently and not returning home but then one night Jeannette‘s Dad came home with a cut open arm that she eventually has to sew up, though she doesn‘t want to. Because Jeannette‘s Dad had been leaving so often the kids were going back to hunting for food 3mo
Rachel_Penner . Along with the food hunting they had to go through a really hard season of winter. They always got so cold and but Jeannette tried to just get through without complaining. We also learn that her grandmother Erma died. After that Rex went to bars even more and Jeannette would have to go searching for him. We know that Stanley and Jeannette‘s Grandfather Ted, move out of their old house 3mo
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Rachel_Penner and into somewhere with a bath. One day when Jeannette goes over to get clean her Uncle Stanley touches her inappropriately, she decides never to go there again. As the kids were still looking for food that found an old ring which they wanted to sell for money yet Rosemary keeps the ring for herself. Jeannette wants Rosemary to leave Rex in hopes of a better lifestyle, yet Rosemary refuses. Jeannette became friends with Dinitia and 3mo
Rachel_Penner they went swimming together. One significant thing that happens is someone from child services comes to check up on Jeannette and her family hey Jeannette is home alone and encourages that her life is good and her parents are well. She then after tells her 3mo
Rachel_Penner Mom she needs to get a job. Rosemary finally got a job, and a budget was made but they eventually were doing the same as they were before. Dinitia is now pregnant and so Jeannette isn‘t friends with her anymore because she went to jail for stabbing the guy who made her pregnant. At this time Jeannette was in grade seven and she became a school reporter. That summer Lori went away to 3mo
Rachel_Penner summer camp and Rosemary to renew her teaching diploma. So Jeannette was in charge of money but in the end Rex knew what to do to get what he wanted so he got some of the money therefore throwing off Jeannette‘s budget so he could get alcohol. Jeannette then got a job at a jewelry store to help care for her family. When Lori came home she realized she wanted to leave Welch so her and 3mo
Rachel_Penner Jeannette start an escape fund after Jeannette also decides she wants to leave because she gets punished for trying to tell her Mom to help around for once, and actually be a Mom. Finally they decide to go to New York but the money that had been saving up was stolen by Rex, but once they got more money Lori was sent off and Jeannette was soon to follow. Jeannette joined the school newspaper in tenth grade. In 11th grade Jeannette (edited) 3mo
Rachel_Penner decided to move to New York to finish high-school in New York, and despite her fathers plead she goes anyways.
In this section Jeannette is in New York now and she has finished up high school and is now going to college. Lori and Jeannette encourage Brian to come to New York so he does. Jeannette got phone calls from her parents and she eventually realized Maureen needed to come and get away from Welch.
Rachel_Penner After all the kids moved away so did Rex and Rosemary but they moved to New York to be a family again. Jeannette struggles with telling the truth that her parents were homeless. After living in New York awhile Rex got tuberculosis and survived. After living in New York awhile Brian became a police officer and Lori a comic 3mo
Rachel_Penner book illustrator and Maureen was in high-school. Jeannette couldn‘t finish college because she couldn‘t pay the whole tuition but then Rex came through and got her money to be able to finish. Jeannette graduated from college but Rex didn‘t come because she didn‘t want him to disrupt anything. Jeannette‘s parents got a new run down pace that was just like the place in Welch. Jeannette was living with her boyfriend Eric but then got 3mo
Rachel_Penner married and lived with him now. Rosemary says she wants to keep a family piece of land in the family and asks Jeannette to pay for it but she doesn‘t. After this we learn Maureen is going crazy living with her parents again so she stabs Rosemary and after being in the hospital went to California to get away. After this we learn that Rex have got a heart attack and had died. 3mo
Rachel_Penner Jeannette tried to distract herself by ice skating. A year after Rex died she divorced Eric, as he wasn‘t the right guy for her.
In this section Jeannette ended up getting remarried and has a stepdaughter now and he invited her family over for thanksgiving. They toasted Rex for all the fun times and learn Maureen might come to visit.
Rachel_Penner This book is a good book as I found myself wanting to continue reading it because I wanted to see how things turned out for Jeannette and her family. I liked this book because even though there was so many hardships and hurt Jeannette was able to try to see things in a positive light and I think that‘s really resilient of her. I also like books that are hard but they try to end on a good note like how Jeannette made a good life for 3mo
Rachel_Penner herself and still tries to get together with her family.

I believe the themes for the whole entire book is definitely family. As through all the tough times the family seemed to get back together again and plowed through the many difficult times together. The siblings still seem to stick together to this day. I would also say the
Rachel_Penner theme is definitely resiliency because of how Jeannette through all her childhood had such a tough life but still manages to conquer through the hard times and tries to live a good life. 3mo
Rachel_Penner I am rating it as a so-so because I don‘t usually read books with say sexual assault or just really hard things, like the domestic abuse. Some of it was like hard to read at some points as it was kind of uncomfortable for me to read. Not that it made me not like the book it was just hard to read during those parts. I really liked reading the book though as it kept me interested and I wanted to keep reading. So it was a good book, I just don‘t know 3mo
Rachel_Penner If I‘d read it again. The types of books that I really like are books by Janette Oke. So this was definitely different that what I‘m used to reading. But it was an encouraging book! I think it could help people realize they can get through anything even if it‘s really hard. (edited) 3mo
Rachel_Penner I found this picture on google by the way! lol 3mo
MissYaremcio Thanks for the honest review Rachel! I like having students read serious things in Grade 12 because they are mature enough to handle it - and I know that it is one that you will remember! 6/6 3mo
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The Glass Castle: A Memoir | Jeannette Walls
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The Glass Castle Summary
Pages 1-154, as that‘s all I‘ve read up to so far.

In the first section, A Women on the street, we see Jeannette all grown up going to attend a party, though when she sees her homeless Mother, she ducks down to hide from her. Later, she takes her Mom for dinner, and asks if she can help her in anyway, her Mom refused, and tells Jeannette her values are all confused.

Rachel_Penner In the next section, The Desert, we see many memories from Jeannette‘s childhood. We learn Jeannette‘s earliest memory of when she is caught on fire when making hotdogs, and she was burnt terribly. When she was in the hospital for a while, her Father, Rex Walls, came and took her from the hospital. 4mo
Rachel_Penner After that experience Jeannette is interested in fire, though still afraid of it. Then Jeannette and her family, Lori, her sister, Brian, her brother, and parents Rex and Rosemary Walls, start the move. We learn that the Walls family is always skedaddling, once something goes wrong for them. 4mo
Rachel_Penner Also we are introduced to the idea of the glass castle, that Jeannette‘s father says he is going to build. I learned about how Rex Walls is very smart and has many ideas for him and his family, that seem to rarely end up becoming true. 4mo
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Rachel_Penner Some memories of Jeannette‘s parents last are brought up, such as how Jeannette‘s parents met and how they had lost a baby, Mary Charlene, and that is why Rex Walls drinks. Once again they do the skedaddle, because of how Rex walls was playing poorly in the card game blackjack, in a place they were staying. Then Rosemary Walls, Jeannette‘s mother gets pregnant again. 4mo
Rachel_Penner The story of how Jeanette and her family were gifted stars, and her the planet Venus, as Christmas presents, is told. Then the walls family moved to Blythe, and Maureen was born! But then they skedaddled again. Then they moved to battle mountain, where Jeannette made her rock collection. 4mo
Rachel_Penner Then when Jeannette was eight years old, she was sexually assaulted by an 11 year old boy named Billy Deel, so then the Walls family skedaddled again. They then moved to Phoenix, which was where Rosemary walls mother had lived, before she died.Rosemary was given her One of her Moms home, so the Walls family lived there for awhile. 4mo
Rachel_Penner In phoenix a memory about one of Jeannettes birthday is told. As a birthday present, she wishes for Rex to stop drinking, though he tries he goes right back at it. Rex Walls has a terrible drinking problem, as many times we see, when he is drunk, that he mishandles his wife, and more. 4mo
Rachel_Penner Things were going well there till Rex lost his job and the parents were getting bored in phoenix, so they left and moved to West Virginia, Welch, where Rex walls parents live. 4mo
Rachel_Penner In this section, In Welch, The children got enrolled in school, and they had some problems with bullying, but then it went away as Jeannette helped a little black boy, and the one bully, which was a black girl, stopped bullying Jeannette. In one memory, Rex and Rosemary go back to phoenix to retrieve some things they left behind, we see Rex Walls, Mother, Erma, sexually harassing Brian, 4mo
Rachel_Penner Jeannette‘s brother. So a big fight broke out between the kids and Erma. Finally the Walls family finds a place of there own, because they were no longer welcome in Ermas home. Though there new home is not luxurious it‘s still a home. That is all I‘ve basically read so far! 4mo
Rachel_Penner So far I am enjoying the book, though some parts seem pretty dark and not ideal, I like books that have a challenge and it shows how in that time, the characters get over the hardships.

I believe the themes so far that I‘m reading about is Perseverance and Family. I say this because though the family goes through many hard things they are able to bounce back, and
Rachel_Penner though I may think they may not be the most logical or effective ways, they still work for the family even when it‘s hard, and they bounce back and that‘s perseverance. I say Family, because of how the characters stick together in the scary/hardships, such as when Brian was getting harassed by Erma, his siblings didn‘t just stand by, they stood up for him! 4mo
Rachel_Penner This is a memoir about resiliency and being able to become an amazing person despite all your hardships, because the days that break you, are the days that make you! (edited) 4mo
MissYaremcio Nicely done Rachel! 6/6 4mo
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