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Garden of Stars
Garden of Stars | Samuel Canerday
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A young, unnamed narrator eschews a typical life of going to college and settling into a career and, after having a fight with his mother about this fact, decides to run away from his life. He escapes to the town of Mable Point, and here he decides to strike out anew and carve out a new path for himself. However, things quickly prove to not be as they seem in the town, where a beautiful, other-wordly place known as The Iris Gardens resides, and the narrator finds himself caught in the midst of strange visions, shadowy figures wandering the town, and multicolored lights that shine in the bay to the south east of the town. Along the way, he makes two friends, James and Gavin, and together, they must work to unravel the mystery of The Garden of Stars.
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Garden of Stars | Samuel Canerday
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The protagonist is a young man who, still troubled by the death of his father, returns home from college and tells his Mother he‘s dropping out....she freaks out and as a result he decides to leave home and take a vacation to Mablepoint and visits The Iris Gardens. With murder, and freaky inhabitants, Mablepoint is a waking nightmare - I won‘t give any spoilers, but if you love tales by Poe and Lovecraft you will adore this

Naj Hahaha...love the review! 12mo
sudi Sound's good, stacking it 😊👍 12mo
Lel2403 @sudi I enjoyed it 12mo
Cathythoughts Hi Lesley, I‘m wondering if you received the book Little yet ? For #Lmpbc .... I sent it over a week ago ..... 12mo
Lel2403 @Cathythoughts oh sorry I should have said...yes I‘ve got it.....enjoying it so far x 12mo
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