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Invisible | Paul Auster
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Reading for Litsy Markup Postal Book Club (#LMPBC) Round 7 - Group L.

Very memorable but a little disturbing.

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This was a fun #LMPBC pick! I thoroughly enjoyed this urban fantasy. The firecracker of a main character, Tori, is just the type of heroine I love. I will be sending this out soon. @HerDarkHuntress1 @MeganAnn @Pogue

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In addition to the currents reads I mentioned in my #BookReport, I‘m hoping to finish these books this week: a mix of a few for review, #NewYearWhoDis and #LMPBC reads, and just some other books coming up on my TBR.

Cinfhen Is Eleanor & Park a first time read for you??? I FELL for that back SO HARD ❤️ 1d
Clwojick Eleanor and Park ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 1d
hes7 @Cinfhen This will actually my third time reading it—but the first time in print. I love it. 😍 1d
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Texreader Ditto @Cinfhen @Clwojick @hes7 Eleanor and Park was such a wonderful read! I need to reread it too. 24h
Cinfhen Im scared the reread won‘t hold up @Texreader @hes7 🙈 23h
TheAromaofBooks Really enjoyed the Haven Point series - so relaxing!! 18h
hes7 @TheAromaofBooks Same! Even though I‘m reading them all out of order. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 16h
TheAromaofBooks aaaaaaaa I don't know how you do that!!! 14h
hes7 @TheAromaofBooks I usually don‘t! But I decided to just go by when they were due at the library because I didn‘t want to have to return them and wait to get them back. 14h
TheAromaofBooks lol well that's fair. I get a little OCD about reading things in order, even when it doesn't really matter. 9h
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Burial Rites | Hannah Kent
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I was debating about not reading it since it‘s a book club pick and I won‘t be at the meeting, but who am I kidding? I can‘t not read a book club choice! This book was superb! It‘s fiction but based on an actual event that happened in Iceland in the 1800‘s. Agnes is awaiting her execution for the murder of Natan, her former master, so to say. After being a prisoner for some time, she is sent to a farm to await her execution.

Mynameisacolour We read this one for #lmpbc a couple rounds ago and I was so pleasantly surprised how good it was! 1d
Tamra I loved it! 1d
Crazeedi I still havent read but on my tbr 1d
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Cortg @Mynameisacolour @Tamra I had not heard of this one and dove in blindly. It‘s always great when this happens and it ends up being a terrific read! 1d
Cortg @Crazeedi I hope you get to it soon! 1d
Tamra @Cortg I too love those surprise finds! 1d
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- Read 15 books this week (4 out of 9 forecasted; 2 ebooks, the rest on audio; within a solid 3-4.5 ⭐️ range; Romanov is the favorite)
- 📖 Mariana, one of my #LMPBC books for the month and I‘m enjoying it so far
- 🎧 A Modest Independence: ❤️ books by Mimi Matthews and this one is no exception
- 📱Serving Up Love: a fun historical-romance novella collection featuring Harvey House girls

Bookzombie What an awesome week! 1d
Cinfhen Amazing!!! How‘s your retention?? I find the more I read the more I don‘t remember 😝although I‘m probably 30 years older than you are 🤣😂🤣😂 1d
hes7 @Cinfhen Oh, I have the same problem. 😂 But I‘ve found that as I read more, the more average most books seem, so when I love a book, it tends to stick with me better than others. Plus, I love the feeling of rereading, so it works out. 1d
Cinfhen That‘s true, the better books do stick with me 😊 1d
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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#weeklyforecast @Cinfhen
1. Between the World and Me for #newyearwhodis @Kdgordon88 - hoping to start and finish
2. The Turn of Midnignt - chapt. 15 to 20 for #literarycrew @Librarybelle
3. Color Purple - start for #lmpbc #groupe
4. Lying and Dying - an ARC for Sapere books -
Will sneak it in during down times at work!

A Good Neighborhood | Therese Anne Fowler
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Well, this book what not quite what I was expecting either. My feelings on it vary, which is why I gave it a so-so rating. On to the next person, @Johanna414 for our last round of this #LMPBC group. @irre @TheBookKeepers

Things in Jars | Jess Kidd
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#BookReport - Finished 4 books
Himself - 3⭐️
Poirot Investigates - 3⭐️
The Clergyman‘s Wife - 4⭐️
They All Fall Down - 4⭐️

Not sure what I‘m in the mood for right now, so I‘m switching between tagged book and The Subtle Knife

Up Next is the #LMPBC book As Bright As Heaven and the next #NewYearWhoDis book.

I read the prologue of the Honey Bus but I‘m afraid of bees so dunno how much of the book I‘ll be able to read.😬🤷🏻‍♀️

Cinfhen Great reading week!! 2d
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#WeeklyForecast - just started Poirot this morning for #agathachristieclubr2. Hoping to read Ove as a second book for #authoramonth - still have mixed feelings about Beartown, so we will see how this one goes!! Eighty Days is my January #bookspin draw, and since it's my own challenge, I should probably try to read it! ? Explorer is a #NewYearWhoDis pick. January has had a lot of "assigned" reading, but they have all been good, so no complaints!

Daisey Looks like a great week of books! 2d
TheAromaofBooks @Daisey - Yes!! I've really enjoyed doing this Weekly Forecast because I end up getting really excited about what's coming up! 😆 2d
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Soubhiville I hope you‘ll like Ove. It‘s completely different than Beartown. Good stack there! 2d
sudi I haven't read Beartown, but i loved A Man Called Ove. 2d
Cinfhen Hahaha “assignedReading” I can totally relate 😂😂😂 2d
AmyK1 Ove is probably my favorite Backman book. I agree that it‘s quite different from Beartown. Hope you‘ll like it! 2d
TheAromaofBooks @Soubhiville @Sudi @AmyK1 - I really want to read at least two books from each month's author to try and get a feel for their writing, as there are several this year where I haven't ever read anything they've written. Beartown was the first Backman I've read, so I'm quite interested to read Ove and see how they compare/contrast. Speaking of which, do any of you have a favorite Colson Whitehead book to read for February? 1d
TheAromaofBooks @Cinfhen - yes, I seem to have committed myself to a great deal of reading this month off the track of my “normal“ TBR/reading list lol February should be somewhat calmer - this month I've read/am reading four books for #NewYearWhoDis and also read Stoner for #LMPBC, which was a slow-going book for me. Luckily I've enjoyed all the extra stuff - which has ended up being my main stuff haha 1d
AmyK1 I‘ve only read The Underground Railroad by him but it was good. I need to get The Nickel Boys soon. 1d
sudi @TheAromaofBooks i've got the underground railroad and the nickel boys lined up. but i'm not sure i'll be able to read both of them. 21h
TheAromaofBooks @AmyK1 @sudi - I'll probably start with The Underground Railroad and go from there!! 18h
kspenmoll Ove was fantastic. So loved that book. 16h
TheAromaofBooks @kspenmoll - I'm looking forward to it - I've heard many good things!! 14h
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