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Alternate Universes, Time Travel and the Unexplained
Alternate Universes, Time Travel and the Unexplained | Neal Parks
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This book is a brief, yet descriptive collection of unsolved cases involving missing time, hiccups in the space-time / parallel-dimensional continuum, and eye witness accounts with documents and records to confirm the validity of this anomaly. These are stories that you could find on your own through Google, if you are willing to do a lot of research and dig deep for information. I took it upon myself to collect these tasty morsels for you, inject my own research and findings, present the facts and sources as a companion for the stories and essentially do all of the heavy lifting for you, the reader. Enjoy!
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Thanks @Meaw_catlady for the opportunity to enter your #7777giveaway

1. My pets
2. I might have choose to go to a different undergrad college.
3. I love my life right now & I‘m in a really good place. So even though I wonder what would‘ve happened if I‘d made different choices, any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different. If that makes sense.

Meaw_catlady I completely understand what you‘re saying with number 3 and I feel the same way! Thanks for playing !! You‘re entered! 🥰💕🤗 9mo
AlaMich Same with me for #2. I chose my college for all the wrong reasons, and it was a bad fit. 9mo
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