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Ran and the Gray World, Vol. 4
Ran and the Gray World, Vol. 4 | Aki Irie
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A young sorceress transforms into an adult and sets out on magical adventures full of charm and wonder! Ran Uruma can't wait to grow up and become a sorceress like her mother, so with the help of a magical pair of sneakers, she transforms into an adult and sets off! Her father and older brother Jin try to keep her home safe, but Ran is determined to advance her powers and have adventures of her own! Knowing that Makoto Hibi has witnessed her magical transformation, Ran is now desperate to erase his memory. But if she gets her way, she might lose a friend in the process. Later, a powerful sorceress in training named Nio Gekkoin shows up and challenges Ran to a duel! Which novice will emerge the victor in this supernatural showdown?
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The first half of this volume was definitely a 4 star for me and then it got creepy again and way too jumbled. The story was all over the place with two different points in time for one large event and by the end of the volume I was left confused. Pretty disappointed with how this series is going because of how much I truly love the magic system and the majority of the characters.

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